Grass fed beef cooking time

I understand grass fed beef cooks faster but how much faster? I only have experience with steaks and braising when it comes to grass fed. I will be dry roasting a 3.5lb grass fed cross rib roast at 225F. It seems like 3 hours in the oven and then a 2 hour rest is pretty common for a conventional beef roast. I don’t want to be caught off guard and have it done 50% quicker than expected. What’s your experience with a grass fed dry roast?

Can’t compare I’m afraid. Beef is generally grass fed where I am in the world.

If it helps, we’d give any roast 20 minutes at 225C, then finish at 160 for 10 minutes per 500g. That brings it out at around medium rare.

grass-fed will cook about 30% faster than cafo beef.

Would that be the same for grass-fed lamb also?

I found this to be pretty accurate although I think mine ended up being closer to 40%.

Not a grass finished guy myself but many small operators will also “dry” age grass finished beef. Dry aged beef cooks faster so in addition to the feed a steer is finished on, need to know if it was wet or dry aged.

yes, it all depends on how the lean the beef is and that can vary wildly. definitely start checking 1/2-way!

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