Gordon Ramsay

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Interestingly he is meant to be a very good chef to work for and is recognised as one who really develops the talent in his kitchens - his character on TV is just that a TV character.

If you look at ex-Ramsay alumni it is a remarkable who’s who of UK cooking talent. Many of whom rose through the ranks in his kitchens to eventually run their own restaurants in the Ramsay’s empire before then striking out on their own.

In the early shows of UK Kitchen Nightmares he often promoted the talented youngsters and more than once took them on in his kitchens because he saw potential that wasn’t appreciated.

Sorry that may be true for talented people, but if you don’t meet his standards or you mess up I think it’s pretty clear the guy can be brutal.

Most chef’s I have known are like that, control freaks with anger issues. There is a lot of stress in a kitchen when the evening rush hits and things need to be right or they come back. Either you learn to live with it, or find another profession.

How do you know that…? You can’t seriously be basing it on the impression gained from a reality TV program.

These programs set up a story (that if you are lucky has a vague basis in reality) and then build up an entertaining program that appeals to the audience - almost a cartoon caricature.

The better insight to how he ran his kitchen is the old TV series “Boiling Point” which this article discusses, to quote one part:

And now, I only push people that I care about. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother. I have guys who’ve worked for me for years. They’ve worked 16 or 17 hours a day, six days a week. They’ve put their lives on hold for me, my guys.’

However, clearly you do need to be talented top work in his kitchen - he holds quite a number of Michelin stars and he needs to make certain standards are delivered. But also reflect on the number of top female chefs he has nurtured - Claire Smyth, Angela Hartnett for example. That is pretty rare in the industry and I believe tells a very different story to the caricature seen in Kitchen Nightmares.

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I recall that the credits for both the UK and US versions include a line roughly saying “things are not filmed as they happened” - basically saying “things are staged”. What a surprise. Or not.

I agree that his TV persona may well be something of an act for the audience. But I do recall a documentary from his very early days (when he actually ran a brigade). Now, whether that deeply unpleasant character that came across was his early attempts at the TV persona or was more the “real man”, I cannot know. But you do have to wonder why anyone would choose such a character for themselves. In itself, I believe I see a flawed personality - the bully is never a good manager.

So you are saying the TV personality is not solely attributable to Murdoch and his minions?

I see you have pulled your earlier post. Presumably we can now discuss this as adults, without you throwing your dummy out of the pram.

I have no way of knowing what is the truth of his personality.

But he is either a bully and arsewipe (as his TV persona) or he has allowed himself to be portrayed as a bully and arsewipe. Either way, I find him unpleasant.

By the by, the original Kitchen Nightmares was shown by Channel 4. Like the BBC, Channel 4 is a publically owned broadcaster, so no involvement with Murdoch.


You are so correct that a telling measure of your skill and effectiveness are your proteges, no matter what industry. We’ve thought every meal where Claire Smyth, Angela Hartnett or Marcus Wareing was running the kitchen was top shelf. (The real life maitre d’ at the latter’s Petrus was Ramsay’s foil on early Hell’s Kitchens.) Ramsay may or may not being playing a character on television, but the proof on the real world plates has been indisputable.

I think that was “Boiling Point”.

It is a few years since I saw it but IIRC I thought he was driven as opposed to nasty. Yes he swore a lot and was pretty tough on the brigade but I thought it was OK in context - after all it was a documentary about the efforts to get the 3rd Michelin star.

Having been filmed for a reality TV show I found that the producer relished any conflict as it may for interesting TV. The cameras would be shoved into the middle of any discussion which tended to amplify the differences and entrenching positions and exacerbating differences. It made the final show more exciting but really didn’t reflect the reality of the situation, or the personalities involved.

I could see that Ramsay’s early TV appearances would follow that model with a producer looking for exciting TV and amplifying the conflict. That show helped make his name (reputation) and I would assume the commissioning team from Kitchen Nightmares saw that this aspect of his personality would make good (profitable) TV…as it has done.

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What’s happened with Ramsey’s US shows?

He used to be on every freking channel screaming 24/7.

Now you hardly see him.

Are we Ramsied out?

Is something new in the offing?

He’s too busy visiting his father in law in jail.

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Just check it out! Good material for soap opera. He should do an episode on it.

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Jailhouse Cusine? It’s inevitable I guess.

Would you like one shiv or two with your cake.

Seems to me that this show would be more of a Jamie Oliver kind of thing.

When I was a chef, if I treated my help like he does on TV, I would have gotten stabbed. He’s playing a character.

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An excerpt which I am sure we can all relate to:

“The dispute dates back to 2008, when the restaurant business ran into financial difficulty and 50-year-old Ramsay told the Sunday Times he was forced to sell his Ferrari to help pay debts.”

I guess the family Christmas dinner is cancelled this year…

What do you tell the grandkids… ???

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Ooh ooh ooh.

Call Fox.

I have his next show.

He can do a season of this.

Where is Judge Wapner when you need him?

Well in addition to his legal antics, it seems Gordon has been a busy boy with a big anniversary to celebrate…



Dateline September 29, 2017

We quote:

"It’s been an exciting first year for Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips! The takeaway-style restaurant located at The LINQ Promenade will celebrate its one year anniversary on Saturday, October 7 with giveaways, free milkshakes and more (Pictured: The Fish and Chips Combo – Photo credit: The LINQ Promenade).

To mark the special day, free mini-specialty milkshakes will be handed out to guests looking to enjoy the authentic British eatery with a cold treat all day long. To make the day even better, one random guest will receive a special box with their order, and will win free fish and chips for an entire year.

To keep the celebrations going, anyone named Gordon or Ramsay (first or last name) will receive a free G-Spot Combo— …"

I don’t know about you guys but I just need to get me sum “free G-Spot Combo—”

I wonder how long it takes to get a name change in Vegas.

As I recall @NotJrvedivici, @CurlzNJ and @corvette_johnny are a big G-Spot fans…

@Harters, perhaps you can enlighten us, what goes into a traditional British mini-specialty milkshake ?


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