Google Food Mood - anyone use this?

Try it here.

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This just makes me sad.

I own a handmade craft business. AI takes my images and allows people to claim my hard work as their own.

And now it takes recipes handed down through cultures and generations and turn them into 8-fingered, three-armed culinary versions of Frankenstein’s monster.


Fun to play with. I combined Senegal and Japan and got a result that leans much more towards Japan. Says picture is AI generated. Without spending a ton of time analyzing, it doesn’t appear that the picture and the recipe match exactly. Pic shows carrots on top while recipe has you topping with thinly sliced red onion.

I use generative AI in my work sometimes and for planning travel.

from the linked article:

“Why you’d want AI to generate an untested combination of, say, Mexican and Chinese dishes instead of seeking out a recipe from an actual human chef who has the ability to taste food is anyone’s guess…”

enough said.

waiting for cookbooks of such recipes to hit Amazon.


How do you know they haven’t already?

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i don’t.

google calls it an experiment. i call it an experiment in legitimizing (& monetizing) AI hallucinations.