Goodtaste tv show

Does anyone watch this? It’s on canal dos, channel 2 and comes on Sunday at 530
or 600 am. It usually features 1 or 2 Houston nicer restaurants, Cararacol today plus other Texas places. No, I’m not up at that hour, Sunday is sleep in day.

Dvr is a wonderful thing.

They also feature a recipe from a MY HEB chef plus a wine segment.

It’s a bit of a puff piece but worth checking out.

Been watching for a couple years. Mr Lamb and I will be on an October airing unless we end up on the cutting room floor.

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The Lambs cannot and must not be cut. A vigorous protest will be organized from the throngs of HO supporters.


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Been on the cutting room floor, done that. I was an eleven year old kid playing first base for a PBS 8 special featuring summer activities.

After 30 minutes of the coach’s

son failing to run to first base from home plate it was over. Done. I could of been a Polish De Nero.

It worked out well as I never would have met the Wifeacita had I become a big time actor.

No food was offered.

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Good answer. jcostiones

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State Fair was featured today on a re-run. Looks intriguing, anybody been?

Just watched 'BURNT " last night on Netflix, originally called Chef, released Oct 2015
I thought it was interesting. I enjoyed it.
Wander if this really is as chaotic in restaurants that are Michelin star rated?

Lambowner has mentioned it in passing.

I enjoy any food related movie, but this one I thought was a bit of a snooze. I saw the unrelated movie called Chef twice though, really enjoyed the food truck adventure.

The menu is fun, but I’ve been twice and haven’t thought of going back because it’s just not that great on the plate. It’s part of the group that also owns Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts and Petite Sweets. They recently opened Starfish in the Washington corridor and I really want to try it nonetheless. It’s seafood with lots of raw I think. Anyone tried it yet?