Eric Sandler's Best New Restaurants 2016 - Houston

A decidedly different list. I have been to exactly nada of these. I do still want to brave the Greenway Underground and get to Kuma and Brasserie 1895 has moved up on my list but the others I’m not so keen on.

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Oh Lordy, don’t make me have to join stupid twitter just to punch this guy. Hehe.

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Despite his catty comment, it was this that offended.

It wasn’t that you hadn’t been to them, it was that you didn’t want to.


Tee-hee-hee. I saw that.

Well, he’s right. I haven’t been getting out much lately and when I have it’s been old favorites like Lopez or Ray’s Pit Barbecue, not exploring new places.

Life has its ups and downs and twists and turns and I’m just in to staying home and cooking of late rather than going out, so I’ve mostly been posting links here. My blog, which Eric knows about and has posted and commented favorably on in the past, is almost totally dormant.

And as is posted on my blog I’m not (and never have been) about keeping up with trendy new hot spots.

I don’t get paid to cover the Houston restaurant scene like he does so I am free to skip any and all I’m not interested in.

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Lately I’ve been really disappointed for the most part in the new restaurants hawked by the “retainer” writers. I’m now waiting to see if they actually last before throwing hard earned money at newbies. Many haven’t. Of those he listed, I’ve been to State Fare twice. The menu sounds amazing but in practice it is lacking. Arthur Ave gets tepid reviews from paying folk on sites such as Yelp. I will eventually get to Killens burgers, but won’t stand in line for Q. Didn’t Killen have another burger place in Pearland years ago? I did go to that one.

Re Pearland though, it seems King’s Biergarten is expanding in menu and size since I last went and I’m interested in making the trip again.

Once again I find myself wanting to hit the ‘like’ button multiple times on one of your posts :laughing:.

Interesting comments on State Fare. Having been to the over-hyped Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts I’m not very interested in checking out any other of that company’s offerings.

I think I remember reading Killen’s first venture in Pearland was actually a bbq place years ago, before he went to Le Cordon Bleu. May have been burgers on the menu there.

King’s Biergarten is building a place in the Heights.

And Arthur Ave will close this month according to Houstonia.

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