Good luck to all the restaurants in NJ on their re-opening

Just consider this a “good karma” kind of post. I just want to put some positive energy out there for all my fellow industry members on the re-opening of indoor dining. While I’m a HUGE supporter of finally allowing this to happen, I probably won’t be in-door dining myself yet, but for all those who are comfortable please ENJOY.

It’s been a long road and the journey is far from over but thank God we’ve made it this far. (we’ve collectively the industry and it’s clients) God bless us all! Stay safe friends and happy Labor day weekend!!


Completely agree. I won’t be there, but I hope those that open can do so safely for their staff AND for their customers.


I wish reopening restaurants well but seriously question the economic viability of operating at a 25% capacity limit. Most places count on being full on Fridays and Saturdays to make enough to account for many less diners on weekdays. Now even a Saturday night will be like a Tuesday.


Blame the jerks who refused to take the guidelines seriously from day one.


Obviously depending on the size of the restaurant but they should be able to keep outdoor dining until at least late October before the temps will not permit it. So hopefully with 25% indoor and anywhere from 25-50% outdoor they will hopefully be at 50-75% combined capacity. Then if…IF by Nov. covid is still on down tick, they can do 50% + indoor.

That’s the hope…nobody is getting rich this way but hopefully it stops the bleeding. (hemorrhaging is more like it)


I will be on the front lines tonight and hope that all of the diners recent goodwill will carry over into this transition.
Although I do understand the hesitation of dining indoors, there will be no shortage of volunteers. Not looking forward to the added enforcement of indoor rules. Fortunately the owner does not take any sh*t so I am hoping for a smooth night.


… or perhaps latent demand will flatten the number of diners on any given night across days of the week.

I don’t think we know a lot until it actually starts to happen.

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Went to Rare in Bradley Beach tonight. We had made a reservation before indoor dining was allowed.
We show up and they ask if we are good with I door dining and we say no, so they find a table outside for us.

We see people walking into the restaurant for indoor dining not wearing a mask. Other showed up and had reservations and they were told outdoor seating was first come first served, so they are basically forcing people with reservations to eat inside


Ah, the sweet sound of SI has returned to indoor dining.
96.1 degrees and extra cleaning is the norm.
Safer early and outside. Don’t expect everyone to follow the rules later. Most everyone follows the rules earlier.
Seemed weird, but somehow normal seeing people inside.


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I mean, really. Sometimes I’m funny in just a few words, but I can’t post!!!

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I fail to see how any of this one word posting or not is wishing good luck to our restaurants, but I don’t care. I’m enjoying the heck out of this thread!



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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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