Good luck to all the restaurants in NJ on their re-opening


Just a quick note which I think fits best in this topic thread :grinning:

We enjoyed a very nice lunch today @ Huddy’s (ColtsNeck NJ) for our anniversary… it’s one of our usual go-to eateries being located ‘just down the road’ from home. An extra special treat was being able to dine inside again [there were also some folks at the outside serving area especially understandably given today’s pleasant weather this afternoon]. Anyhow I had the Korean steak sandwich with bulgogi sauce along with a side of sweet potato fries, both of which were delicious and just right for the special occasion ; my wife had her favorite wrap & fries which was just what she craved and readily lived up to her expectations. For dessert we delightfully split a piece of the key lime pie as traditional for us. All the food was prepared flavorfully, portions were more than ample, and the entire tab was quite reasonable/fairly priced —— our server did a very nice excellent job of taking care of us and our table too.

Overall kudos to Huddy’s and ‘welcome back to indoor dining’. Hooray!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold