Good food near Groton MA?

We are going to a dear friend’s (Darol Anger) concert at Groton Hill tonight. We need to eat beforehand! Gibbet Hill is already full (at least their reservations are). Is Forge and Vine decent? But will it be an ess-show pre-concert? Are there any other interesting places on our route from Arlington to Groton (keep in mind that Spring Onion will be with us).

Thanks in advance for any crumbs of advice!

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Kara Baskin liked Forge and Vine pre-pandemic. I thought I had remembered reading a scathing review somewhere but a quick Google search does not reveal any such.


Filho’s Cucina is a small informal spot in Groton, with BYO possible from the liquor store next-door. Very popular with folks in Groton especially because dining options town are extremely limited. Note that we have not been in years though.

Gibbet Hill is very popular as well—both their bar area and dining room. I would not attempt trying a walk-in there if aiming to make it to a concert on time.

Have yet to try Forge & Vine.

I’m kinda thinking that especially if timing is tight, it might work out better to grab a bite before you arrive in Groton. Lovely town though few places to eat.


This is what we decided to do. And sadly, we decided on Tavern in the Square in Littleton, which was packed at 6 pm. We barely made it to our seats by 8 pm. At least they didn’t mess up my Impossible burger and they have salmon on the kids’ menu, which was a welcome break from burgers for Spring Onion (at least for me and B).

Thanks to @GretchenS and @tomatotomato for responding to my APB.

PS The show was great—the venue was spectacular (as Darol and Mike said from the stage, they felt like they were playing from inside a guitar). We want to catch more shows there and will keep Forge and Vine in mind for next time.


Hey, making sure that everybody has dinner before the show is a still a win! It’s no small feat to manage timing with few dining options nearby. And on a Friday night when tables are full of folks wanting to be out and about.

I will read with interest if you do try Forge & Vine before a future concert.

P.S. Soon we are trying the in-house dining at Groton Hill before an upcoming show. But I didn’t mention as it requires reserving and preorder/prepay ahead of the performance date. Will report back.


Darol Anger fan as well!. Thrilled to read concert was spectacular. Gotta get on the Groton Hill mailing list. Looking forward to Forge and Vine, Groton Hill posts for before performances.


He’s also a wonderful human being to boot. We weren’t familiar with his music until he moved in next door. We became fast friends and remain so although he lives in Nashville now. He performs often in New England so keep an eye out for his next swing through MA. He and his musical partner loved the room at Groton Hill so I can imagine them returning there.


In case anyone ever needs lunch in Groton, I just heard that Gibbet Hill will offer lunch for the first time, starting on March 19. That’s all the info I have.

Lovely spot if you’re out that way.