Good Eggs: yea/nay

I have some dried bing cherries sitting in my shopping cart but need to order more stuff to hit the $30 minimum. I used to buy Tartine bread, but that’s suspended during the remodel. Anyone have any favorite items to suggest?

Yea - avocados
Nay - fresh cherries from hidden star, soft, flavorless, and a few were moldy (this was from June when cherries were in season)

Bottle of wine and a six pack . My favorites .

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Hidden star orchards: apple chips
Frog Hollow Farm: organic Asian Pears
Batter Bakery: double chocolate sandwich cookies (I really like it, this is not my kind of food though)
Josey Baker bread
Bi-Rite: salted caramel ice cream
Primavera: Tamales
I also buy ox tail and pork bones, but I don’t see them right now, maybe out of stock at the moment.

I like Worthy Granola granola. It’s the best granola I’ve ever had. I have a friend who prefers granola that sticks to itself in clusters; I don’t. The friend also tends to prefer granola with nuts, whereas I think most of the time nuts detract or distract. Yet this granola we both agree is the best we’ve had.

It’s mighty expensive though (like most things from Good Eggs).

things are expensive in goodeggs, but not more than other places sell the same product.
Actually for the same product from farmer’s marktet, I find they are usually a little cheaper,
like the hidden star orchards dried bing cherry, they are $8/lb, farmer’s market is $10/lb.

I liked the dried cherries. They are a little less dried out than the ones I usually get from Berkeley Bowl.

Chocolate sandwich cookies were rich and chocolatey in the best possible way, but the texture was too crumbly and it fell apart/had to eat it with a spoon.

Also found that the pasta shop raviolis are cheaper and there is a greater variety on Good Eggs than at my local Whole Foods, yay.

I am glad you like the cherries.
Yeah, the pasta shop raviolis are great, but the cheapest I have found is Rainbow grocery, $8/lb.

Oh the oxtails were lovely and very reasonably priced, which is generally true of the Prather Ranch meats.

Stop buying all the oxtails!!! Just kidding. They are constantly running out on Goodeggs.

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I gave up on the oxtails because it seems like they are never in stock.

My recent favorites are bacon ends and… fresh udon from Odang Udon. The udon is sooo good and chewy and it is super easy to make zaru udon at home using storebought concentrate for the dipping sauce.

Josey Baker or Pain bread. Pain used to be available at the Gus’s in the Mission, but I haven’t seen it lately. Bi-Rite ice cream, way better than standing in line.

Has anyone tried ordering fresh flowers from them? I’m usually ordering special occasion items for entertaining and thought about adding flowers, but haven’t tried yet.

Alternatively, you can get their icecream at the Bi-Rite grocery stores on the 18th or Divisadero. No waiting there either.

I see that the hodo tofu yuba strips are on the goodeggs site- I can’t find them anywhere on the east coast and they are really delicious! I loved the sesame ones- they’re a bit chewy and better than noodles since they’re made from tofu. The hodo braised tofu is also great, firm and flavorful with a similar texture to a semi firm cheese, much more dense than just a slice of tofu.

The Divis store line is ok, but 18th St. is a zoo for parking and the line in the store or at the creamery.

I have sent flowers to someone along w/ various food treats & they liked them, but I only got to see a snapshot so I can’t really report more.

Oxtail is here today. Grab it quick. I grabbed two.

I saw them but passed because they increased the price. Costco has good oxtail for $6 per pound approximately.

What was the price before? I didn’t even realize since they deleted my order history.

I looked up my previous receipts. $6.50 per pound.

I just bought a bag of the udon to try. The 25% DV sodium/ serving was a bit challenging for us. Are their udon salty in their truck?