Good Bye David Bowie, thanks for all your music.


I saw him both times he played Manchester (1987 & 1990). Great nights.

And the exhibition of his “stuff” in 2013 was worth the trip to London just to see it.


I was shocked by this, I noticed all the posts on Facebook, initially I just thought they were all belated birthday wishes etc. I didn’t even know he was ill, was this a closely guarded secret?



The stars look very different today. . .



Here too, it was a shock. Didn’t know he had cancer. He just released a new album, guess it was his way to say farewell. RIP


A great loss. Glad to have seen him perform several times - the first show I ever went to in my life (a big-ass 3 day festival) had him as a headliner.



Doncha just think this was the epitome of cool

8/1 - album release on 69th birthday

11/1 - dies

The boy kept swinging.


I absolutely love the stars are out tonight … one of his latest and greatest

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Lazarus is hauntingly beautiful. . .

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I woke up at 3am and picked up my phone to look at Facebook, and people in the UK were beginning to announce his death. I was too upset to go back to sleep.

I saw him in 1976 at the Empire Pool Wembley in London. When Ziggy Stardust came out I listened to it over and over on my record player, I know all the words to the whole album and have that album cover memorized from looking at it so much.

Planet Earth is blue …


This piece has always astounded me:


How typical that he’d spend his last few months on Earth making more great music for us.


I first saw him live at his Serious Moonlight Tour. Then again at the blowout Glass Spider tour at the old Vet. Then Sound & Vision. The last time I saw him was outdoors in Camden (NJ) about 10 years ago. The other band that night was Nine Inch Nails, and boy you could tell which fans were there for which band :open_mouth:

Bowie really knew how to put on a show. How nice of him to leave us a parting gift.

ETA: I just received an e-mail from a woman I’ve been friends with since high school. (In fact, I believe we attended those Bowie shows together.) Her note: " I’m
remembering you, me, Patty, the Jims, etc. in your dorm hallway loudly
singing (if you can call it that) Moonage Daydream. We had a lot of fun
times with Bowie playing in the background. Sad news".


I had dinner tonight with four family members. I raised the subject of how his surname was correctly pronounced.

Two said Bowie - to rhyme with Joey. Two said Bow-ee - with the first syllable rhyming with cow.

For 40 years, I’ve always reckoned it was the latter. I was wrong, according to the BBC’s “69 Facts”

Wouldn’t that simply be a matter of which region in the UK you grew up?

His favorite food- shepherds pie

Fabulous…Legend in life and death
He wanted to play that saxophone he is holding in little Richards band …humble
and he remained so throughout his life and career


Don’t think so. By co-incidence, after I’d made that post, the TV showed an interview with him from the mid-90s and he was asked about it. He replied he was no longer sure as “Boey”, “Bowee” and “Boo-ee” all seemed to be used but that he’d always reckoned it should be Boey (rhyming with Joey)

As for British regional differences, the scone would be one to map. It’s either skon or scown, depending on where you are (I’m a skon). And don’t get me started for the different names we have for the simple bread roll! No wonder folk find British English difficult to learn.

I read this on the internet yesterday, so please do not shoot the messenger if it is not accurate, just sharing what I read with you fine people.

Supposedly this was the last picture taken of David on his birthday last Friday January 8th, 2 days before his death. The photo was supposedly taken by his wife, hard to imagine by looking at him that he would pass two days later. What I read also said that a family friend or spokesmen when announcing Davids passing said specifically; “he passed in a dignified manner” (or something very similar to that), the speculation is his death was planned and assisted or some form of euthanasia.

Just a rumor I suppose, figured I would share.

I think I buy this version a bit more. I heard an interview of the producer of his last album, he has planned his last album a year before. Knowing Bowie’s character, he thought it was more he was hanging there just to wait for the for the album to come out on his birthday, probably on of his last wish. When it was done, it was time to go. There was also the farewell email that Brian Eno received a week before. It seems when it was about time one kind of knows.

What is incredible about Bowie is even up to his last album, the songs are good. Many artists stop producing and innovating after a certain age.

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