Gochujang - any must try suggestions

Nothing compares to Rhei-Maid products

They make Gochujang, Doenjang and Kanjang but you can only buy them in Boston and New Jersey.

They sell mostly to higher end restaurants

They’re ramping up for wider retail distribution though

I didn’t actually find them, just saw the image and thought it matched your description. Thought it would be helpful for people looking for the brand in their local stores, if I find it locally I’ll post where.

this is a great tip! I found an article from a year and a half ago that said you can only get them at Foodie’s market in the South End. Is that still the case?

As a new Bostonian, where is it sold?

Yes, right now its just at Foodies and at a place in Northampton because most of their stuff gets sold to restaurants.

A factory here will be on-line in a few months, though.

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cool. thanks!

I found this blog post interesting:

You mean the one linked to in the original post? :wink:


Hahaha! I didn’t realize that!

It just confirms that that post IS interesting :wink:

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