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What are your favourite Breakfast Cereals?

Raisin Bran

Steel cut oats with cinnamon and brown sugar or maple syrup.

For toppings on casseroles, breading or binding:
Corn Flakes
Rice Krispies


Equal parts of the following:

  • Purely Elizabeth Granola Sea Salt Chocolate
  • Grape Nuts
  • Bear Naked Peanut Butter Granola

I pair the mixture with Chobani Greek Non-Fat Yogurt.

Never milk, find the stuff disgusting.

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I also prefer yogurt on my cereal.
My cousin had me over for breakfast and served it that way.
There was no going back for me after that day.

They’re also great as topping on warm oatmeal.

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That I have not tried.
Tomorrow’s the day
thanks great idea !

If you have an oven-safe bowl for your oatmeal, a minute (or maybe two) under the broiler does wonders.


That does sound a little decadent
and I do have oven proof bowls
Thank you for the suggestion.

Cold: Post Cereals in the US makes a line called “Great Grains” which are a bit too sweet, but still a favorite. Most of them have dried fruit and nuts (cranberry, blueberry, raisin, date; pecan, almond).

Hot: I’ll copy your pinhead/steelcut, but CoCo Wheats might be a close second.

For fish frying, I’ve used crushed cornflakes as a breading but have never tried Rice Krispies for anything like that. (Personal favorite for fish uses crushed pretzels anyway).


I rarely do cereal anymore, preferring a fruit smoothie or a burrito if I indeed have breakfast. But raisin bran, corn flakes, and oatmeal would be my top three.

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I rarely eat boxed breakfast cereal at breakfast but rather as a late night snack Muesli is my breakfast several days per week - with milk or yoghurt. Some have frighteningly high sugar counts which would do my diabetes no good whatsoever. However, the supermarket’s “basic” range is within my limits - even if it does taste quite, erm, basic.

Can I claim toast? Which also a regular breakfast, along with my homemade Seville orange marmalade. Well, the bread is made from wheat, so no different from Weetabix, then.

As for those late night snacks, I’m dependent on what Mrs H has bought for her brteakfast. That’s usually Corn Flakes, Kellogs Fruit & Fibre or Cheerios.

Speaking of Weetabix, I can tell you the last time I ate it - 12 August 1972. That was the breakfast at home and it was there day after sodding day, like it or not. The date? My wedding day. Always remembered as the last Weetabix day and, also , the opening of the British grouse shooting season.


I use the Rice Krispies usually for breading in Pork Chops

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Reese peanut butter puffs-once a week treat
Cocoa rice krispies-only eaten after a horrible day
Fruit and nut granola- mixed with Greek yogurt and fruit for usual breakfast


@Harters, Lol…I love reading your posts.
Yes, toast counts because it is made from grain and that is my usual breakfast as well.
My husband will eat cereal for supper. Not me, what can I say except that I have standards.


I guess I have no standards as I have eaten ice cream for supper.


Me too !
Soft serve vanilla


I don’t abide sweet, so…
Old-fashioned oatmeal, microwaved with salt, topped with heavy cream.
Shredded wheat biscuits, with milk and cream
The three Chex family members (corn, wheat or rice) aren’t bad. With 2% milk

More often, a toasted but unbuttered English muffen or pita or seeded bread toast.

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Cold: Weetabix has been my favourite since I was a kid, and now my very picky nephew loves it too. I did try Oatibix once in the UK, but only ate the one bowl. I feel about it like @Harters does about Weetabix! When at my mother’s, occasionally I’ll have corn flakes or rice krispies, but I never buy these myself.

Hot: steel cut oats with maple syrup and milk or cream.

I would eat cereal or toast quite happily for dinner every night.

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Someone educate me about steel cut oats. I’ve only attempted them a few times but we never made peace with each other. What am I doing wrong or missing?

I LOVE old fashioned rolled oats, but not quick cooking.

Here you go:

ETA: Steel cut oats are more like sticky rice.
It won’t be the same texture as Old Fashioned rolled oats.

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Steel cut oats with whatever fruit is on hand or in the freezer (strawberries, blueberries, pears, mango), with a little honey and unsweetened coconut. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle granola on the top too.