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Is it pec-can or pee-con? How do you pronounce pecans? Imwtk.


A pee can is what your grandmother kept under the bed. That said, either way they likely know what you mean.

Nah. Grannies here would have had a “guzunder”.

There are folk who collect them - particularly the 19th century political ones. Originally, you’d buy one with the picture of your favourite political hate figure in the bottom of the pot.

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Pa - con

Never crossed my mind how it’s pronounced but I pronounce it “peh-kan” (“kan” as in canyon).

How does one say “Nikon” (a camera brand)? Americans and Brits say “nai-kon” (something like that). In Japanese and many European languages it’s “knee-kon”.


It was always a bit odd to own
foreign(non North American) Nikkormats, since they were Nikkomats. Lots came back from Vietnam. Your explanation makes sense.

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I can’t speak IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), but in my part of the world (Northeast/Mid Atlantic US), it’s mostly “pih-'can” (the same basic vowel sounds as in “tin can”), sometimes with the initial “short i” sliding into a slightly “long e” sound. In the Southeastern US, from what little I’ve traveled there, it leans toward “pee-'cawn”, and while I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it this way in person, apparently " 'pee-can" is not uncommon.

But more than a lot of varieties of nut, the pronunciation seems to vary more than would be accounted for by broader/general differences due to regional “accents”…

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Uh oh! Now you’ve started it! Years ago I had a friend whose father was into sports car racing and had a business relationship with Porsche in Germany. The founder, Ferdinand Porsche, pronounced his name like the woman’s name Portia. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive I guess, but it still drives me a bit nuts to hear it pronounced ‘Porsh’. Then, of course, I can watch American pickers and hear Mike Wolfe talking about the British car brand ‘Jagwire’ . Oh, well, gotta get back to obsessing about Covid19.

Huh, never heard that one - just “Jagwahr” (with a slightly shorter “a” than in the word “war”) as the main US pronunciation, and “Jag-yu-ahr” as the main British pronunciation.

peh-CAHN. Raised in NYC suburbs, lived in Boston area for most of my life.

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This Century’s roster of political hate figures would be too long to count. The gezunder manufacturers wouldn’t know what to do.

I suppose they made them with whoever was currently a hate figure and, as that changed, they’d update the range. Might have been relatively easy in late 19th century Britain - two Prime Ministers (Disraeli & Gladstone) dominated politics for many years.

Pee con in my tribe or they would look at me cross eyed. Thxs for indulging me.

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