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Is it pec-can or pee-con? How do you pronounce pecans? Imwtk.


A pee can is what your grandmother kept under the bed. That said, either way they likely know what you mean.

Nah. Grannies here would have had a “guzunder”.

There are folk who collect them - particularly the 19th century political ones. Originally, you’d buy one with the picture of your favourite political hate figure in the bottom of the pot.

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Pa - con

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Never crossed my mind how it’s pronounced but I pronounce it “peh-kan” (“kan” as in canyon).

How does one say “Nikon” (a camera brand)? Americans and Brits say “nai-kon” (something like that). In Japanese and many European languages it’s “knee-kon”.


It was always a bit odd to own
foreign(non North American) Nikkormats, since they were Nikkomats. Lots came back from Vietnam. Your explanation makes sense.

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I can’t speak IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), but in my part of the world (Northeast/Mid Atlantic US), it’s mostly “pih-'can” (the same basic vowel sounds as in “tin can”), sometimes with the initial “short i” sliding into a slightly “long e” sound. In the Southeastern US, from what little I’ve traveled there, it leans toward “pee-'cawn”, and while I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it this way in person, apparently " 'pee-can" is not uncommon.

But more than a lot of varieties of nut, the pronunciation seems to vary more than would be accounted for by broader/general differences due to regional “accents”…

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Uh oh! Now you’ve started it! Years ago I had a friend whose father was into sports car racing and had a business relationship with Porsche in Germany. The founder, Ferdinand Porsche, pronounced his name like the woman’s name Portia. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive I guess, but it still drives me a bit nuts to hear it pronounced ‘Porsh’. Then, of course, I can watch American pickers and hear Mike Wolfe talking about the British car brand ‘Jagwire’ . Oh, well, gotta get back to obsessing about Covid19.

Huh, never heard that one - just “Jagwahr” (with a slightly shorter “a” than in the word “war”) as the main US pronunciation, and “Jag-yu-ahr” as the main British pronunciation.

peh-CAHN. Raised in NYC suburbs, lived in Boston area for most of my life.

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This Century’s roster of political hate figures would be too long to count. The gezunder manufacturers wouldn’t know what to do.

I suppose they made them with whoever was currently a hate figure and, as that changed, they’d update the range. Might have been relatively easy in late 19th century Britain - two Prime Ministers (Disraeli & Gladstone) dominated politics for many years.

Pee con in my tribe or they would look at me cross eyed. Thxs for indulging me.

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Ohhhh you’re fancy!! Do you hold your pinky finger out when you eat them?

Like @greygarious, it’s peh CAHN for me; H calls them pee-cans. In agreement with @Midlife, and @MikeG, with the pronunciation of both Porsches and Jaguars.

I confess that my blood pressure requires avoidance of the current occupant of the Oval Office to the extent that most of my TV and radio consumption for the last four years has been British. I don’t SAY “jag-yew-ahr”, but hear it in my head when I read the word. Having taken German in high school, I automatically read, and say, “por-sheh”.

Oh, and I pronounce a bit of the L in almond. I don’t know where I got that; “ah-muhnd” is what I hear other people say. I usually hear people say “ca-SHOO”, but say “CA-shoo”.

I do say jag-yew-ahr, but have been strongly advised to not buy one :upside_down_face:
Always pronounce the L in almond, and always have. Usage of cashew is your first example. Guess I got used to saying Portia to pronounce Porsche way back in the early 80’s when they opened some sort of NA operations in Reno Nevada, and had a friend who worked there.

And we have to do what we have to do to keep that pesky BP down…

This is so interesting. If ca-SHOO rhymes with ah-CHOO (as in a sneeze) I have to say I’ve never in my long life ever heard it pronounced that way. This is truly a wide and varied world.

You know, come to think of it I don’t accentuate one syllable over another, it’s just ca-shew.