Gluten-free gifts

What shelf-stable gifts would you send to someone with celiac disease?
Macaroons, amaretti, nuts, honey, and a few other things were mentioned in this long thread.

Has anyone tried gluten-free panettone ?

I’d avoid things that have to be made gluten-free and send things that are naturally gluten free.

  • Really nice chocolates or similar
  • Specialty spreads that can be used as ice cream toppings (Turkish or Italian pistachio paste, hazelnut paste, etc)
  • If they cook at home and enjoy ingredients, then specialty oils, chilli sauces, dried mushrooms and risotto rice from a specialty purveyor, and so on

Many of the ideas on the original thread would work.


Agree with the bottled stuff (artisan EVOO, sauces, etc.)

And I aways like to receive fine wines and spirits!

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Pepper Jelly or spices

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My friends and relatives that eat gluten free really appreciate gifts of gluten free specialty products and mixes that are hard to find in the stores. Bob’s RM and KA (online) are two I buy. During the great shutdown it was difficult to find those items in the stores and long delays online. It seems the supply chain issues are improving.


I like the idea of gifting flour if the person likes to cook/bake at all, even just occasionally making cookies. The GF KA is $5/lb GF while their regular “signature” flours come in at $1.39/lb. I’ve a relative who eats GF but has a bit of a tight budget and she rarely bakes anymore because for her it’s hard to stand there in the grocery looking at the GF flour price side-by-side with regular, and seeing it’s close to 4X the cost.

A daughter is also GF and was hesitant to buy the flour because in the end, I was paying for it, so I got Bob’s and KA and some others for us to try. I will say the Bob’s is kind of strong flavored (garbanzo flour is #1 ingredient) while the KA really is a drop-in substitute for regular AP flour, so we use Bob’s for biscuits or thickening in other foods and KA for breads/cookies/cakes. The other one that was supposedly a direct sub for AP is called simply “Bake Good” and tastes fine but the texture is not quite right for bread. It’s primarily powdered dry cauliflower.

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