Global eatery in red bank (old location of sicilia cafe) [NJ]

So I walked by last night and see a new place is taking over the shutdown sicilia cafe. Im not making this up but it has at least 4 signs: korean , greek, Italian and american. Does anyone have any details? I don’t think I have ever seen a place try to tackle such a wide range (well maybe Vegas buffets and courtyards. ) It should be interesting. I wish they would focus solely on korean. I think the closest decent korean is in the brunswicks.

Maybe it’s going to be a series of food stands like Haldi Chowk in Sayreville.

I wish it was but it is just a regular red bank store front. I hope it is good but I am skeptical.

Has anyone been by lately? I’m interested to hear what’s up with this place.

According to Yelp, The Global Eatery is a buffet (which explains the variety of cuisines), and not very good.

I only see one review on yelp. Am I missing something?

No, but that’s what the one review says.

I don’t trust yelp much, let alone one review by some kid lol.

I’ll try to get here soon and report back.

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I think this answers your question(s);

So I’m guessing that it didn’t make it. Concept never made sense to me. Jack of all trades mater of none- the people who bought the Sicilian Cafe flopped pretty quickly and then this place. The original seemed to do well. Its a nice spot, hopefully they put something good in there, not another McCloones type. They should embrace the St James crowd down the block if they know what’s good for them.

We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town…

beep beep !!

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those blasters are filled with mediocre food and abundant liquor licenses…

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I just started a new thread on another local “hybrid” called Europa grill. It’s apparently Portuguese and Italian…fairly new.

The old Rosina’s? There is a Eruopa in Point close to Frankie’s that has been there forever was wondering if they were affiliated. The Point location use to be decent but it’s been 10+ years since I’ve been there.

Yes sir…that’s the spot. Why don’t these places invest a little money and come out with a legit website? Before I even opened I would have a website creating some buzz and brand awareness.

Oh, @corvette_johnny … If money didn’t matter, I’d have opened a restaurant marketing firm LONG ago (anyone hiring?!?)! It boggles my mind that restaurant owners spend the time/effort/$$ that they do to get a place open without even some basic items like a website in place. For the amount of time spent on Facebook, they could have an actual SITE. And do crazy stuff like post photos/the menu/their hours! /rant

When I rule the universe this will happen. :blush:


You upon sober reflection it may be giving the McClones too much credit to say their food is mediocre.

Some of it may actually be bad.

Judges call, anyone?

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I vote bad !

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2nd vote for BAD!

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Robinsons food is pretty bad. The one in shrewsbury I haven’t been to in years for a reason. I have yet to visit sea bright location.

The pier village one has two good dishes. Their “lobster roll” rendition is good and their prime guinness burger is actually really good…surprisingly good.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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