Someone in my Master Gardener program put out the word she had a surplus of huge Meyer lemons on her 30 year old tree.

Hundreds probably, big, juicy, and aromatic. Soon to go to waste.

Reminded me of this.

This is our local place.


Starting to wonder if these are indeed Myers.

They sure have 5hat Meyer aroma! Haven’t cut one open yet.

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They look like Myers, with the smoother thinner skin. A handful of neighbors on my block have old Myer Lemon tres in their backyards that were planted ages ago and are really prolific so I have a steady supply. But when I’ve tried to get a Meyer to grow in my back yard it has failed miserably.

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I have a Meyers lemon, and mine look just exactly like those. What a score for you!

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It is! I have two “trees” of my own but they are pitiful; barely qualify as bushes, with average fruit smaller than a child’s palm. Some of these fruit are the size of Navel oranges!

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Why don’t I have neighbors like that? :sob:


My next move will be a fruit trees neighbour! :yum: :stuck_out_tongue:

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