[Glasgow] Request for recommendations, including breakfast near Charing Cross

I’m off to Glasgow again in February (see my previous reports from earlier this year and from 2015) and having just bought my train tickets am now keen to make plans!

I’m staying at the Premier Inn right next to Charing Cross Station, so would be very grateful for recommendations of good places to get breakfast in the vicinity. And by breakfast I mean a meal eaten not too long after 8am at the latest.

I’ve located a nearby Wetherspoons for the obligatory Full Scottish Breakfast, but I certainly don’t want to do that every day! I’ll be exploring outwards from the hotel in all directions, so anywhere within, say, a 20-minute walk of Charing Cross is fair game. I’ve been to Martha’s and Cafe Wander, so no need to suggest those.

My current map of potentially-interesting food and drink options is here, and suggestions for additions are welcome. I’m arriving on a Wednesday at 16:01 and departing the following Monday at 09:40, and will be on my own until Friday evening, so it’s mainly breakfasts, lunches, and Wednesday/Thursday dinner that I’ll get to make choices over.