Georgian Cheese Boat [San Francisco, North Beach]

The descriptively named Georgian Cheese Boat is a Georgian restaurant in North Beach, one of the few (perhaps the only?) Georgian restaurants in San Francisco.

They have a slightly unorthodox ordering system where you get a menu at your table but place and pay for your order in a kiosk on the bar.

I started with an order of Lamb Khinkali ($13 for an order of 4) which were very good, kind of like a big Georgian xiaolongbao but with lamb. Lots of lamb broth or soup inside the dumpling along with the meatball. The top or handle where the dumpling was sealed was a lot thicker than the rest of the dumpling, apparently you don’t have to eat that part but I did anyway. You’re supposed to pick up the dumpling by the “handle,” invert it, and then bite a hole in it to suck some of the juice out before eating the rest. Delicious.

I also had one of the “cheese boats” or Acharuli Khachapuri, of which there are several kinds available with different fillings. I had the classic ($21), which had melted cheese, an egg, and a pat of butter. I was instructed to mix the contents up to cook the raw egg a bit and presumably to distribute the butter around. This was also delicious. The cheese filling had a texture between ricotta and melted mozzarella, and was somewhat salty and and a little tangy. The butter and egg added some more richness. A very rich filling. The bread boat around it was a bit fluffy and light with a light crust.

They also have a selection of Georgian wines by the glass and by the bottle. I had a glass of an amber wine (2016 Chateau MK Rhapsodia) which was quite nice with the khachapuri.

More pics:


There are also Bevri (Palo Alto) and Tamari (San Carlos)

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And Piala Restaurant and Wine Bar in Sebastopol

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Thanks, found a thread on Bevri here [Palo Alto] Bevri- Georgian eats

Thank you. I love Georgian food!

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In your photo of the restaurant interior, the Georgian on the back wall reads Sakartvelo, which is how Georgia is said in that language.

Anyway, it’s good to see that delicious food finally hitting the Bay Area. Batumi, roughly where khachapuri adjaruli originates, is a bizarre casino city with lots of FDI from all four corners.
Tbilisi is neat, though, with a rather diverse food scene (the city is a hit with Gulfies, and many Indians are moving there to study medicine).


You’re making me very hungry. Every city and town around the world should have a Georgian restaurant just like they do a Chinese takeaway.


Oh, right, one of Georgia’s epicenters of khinkali is Pasanauri, a small town en route to some brilliant Caucasus cordilleras.

But if you really want to go crazy, try fried khinkali.