Gas Grills with Griddle

Hi again! I’m shopping for a new grill. I grill basically year round and finally, finally got a natural gas line hooked up off the kitchen so really ready to kick my grilling up a notch.

I stumbled on a youtube video of a person making smashed burgers on a huge griddle and went down a rabbit hole. I found this grill that has both a griddle and a regular grill but can’t find much about it. The griddle isn’t a hard requirement but seems really cool.

Anybody have something like this or generally a gas grill you love?

I have a Weber. I remove a grill and insert griddle when needed.

Many grill are for propane, since you have natural gas, you will have to ensure you get a natural gas model.

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That unit looks interesting and well built.

I think a shortcoming may be that it presents as an either/or thing–you either grill or you griddle over the entire area.

I use a Weber Summit. When I want to griddle, I just place a plancha atop the grill grate. I also use a tightly spaced Lodge CI grate in the same way for things that could fall between the Summit’s grill bars.

The big advantage of this is you can grill and griddle at the same time, and not have to let the whole unit cool down to switch in between. You can also slide the sit-atop units sideways to vary proximity to a water pan, indirect heat, or a specific line(s) of burners.

I suppose if I held very large parties, I might want a larger griddle surface like this unit affords. But if I did that regularly, I’d probably have two separate appliances.

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I don’t own them but if I was looking at built in or cart grills I’d look at Twin Eagles and Fire Magic.

I ended up scrapping the idea and just got a Napoleon grill. I’m very excited!