Gas much power is needed?

Hi all.

Because of the Russians acting up the recent years. Yesterday our government send out some guidelines regarding prepping for periods without electricity, heating and other stuff that could be affected in crisis times.

I ordered a gas burner to hook up to an ordinary 11 kg gas bottle. But I’m in a bit of doubt if the 2,5 kW effekt is enough to drive a normal sized pot or a 28 cm pan(cast iron)

Prepping really is new to us.

What do you guys think…is it too weak?

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When the power goes out, I use this little butane stove. It’s perfect for making a decent dinner.

I also built a cement block “rocket stove” off the back patio. If there is a sustained power outage and I run out of butane, I’ll burn scrap wood in the rocket stove.

I think your propane burner will definitely be large enough to prepare a nice hot meal.

My power outage meal is usually boiled pasta with a jar of Ragu on top. (and we drink crystal light – tap water + packet) That way I don’t have to open the fridge or freezer. Then we hope the power will come back on before our food goes bad.

I also keep an old motorcycle battery charged up. I’ve got the clips, etc. to keep Sunshine’s smart phone charged, so she can play with that while I listen to an old (battery powered) radio.

We also have some battery powered lanterns to sit by and talk if she gets bored with her phone.

Not that I’m a prepper, but we usually have at least two power outages during the summer.

Sounds like your well prepared.

This whole prepping thing is pretty new to us. We haven’t had a major power out’s where I live for 20 years. No weather bad enough to cause these problems either.

Good idea with the Ragu… maybe I should buy a few glasses :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks… yea, its not a great meal, but its better than eating a cold can of beans.

Yes, we usually get about two power outages a year here. The temperature goes up, more demand for A/C and something breaks (in the grid) somewhere.

We do get updates, through text messaging from the electric company, so they do try to keep us informed.

1 kW = 3412.142 BTU
my “natural gas big burner” is ~20,000 BTU - and it works for a 28cm wok - but it is not ‘overpowering’
so… yes, it could be a bit on the weak side for large pots…

It has that rating by virtue of its pressure regulator. If you get an adjustable regulator, you’ll have plenty of power.

I think you’d be happier with this:

I actually looked at it. And I’m sure the ekstra power would be nice.

But its not approved for indoor use. And i think the gas consumption might be too high( if the power out. Should last long)

I haven’t researched it, but the manifold looks like each burner ring is separately valved. This would be handy for variously sized cookware. Also, it would conserve fuel.

As for indoor use approval, I’m not sure this is a matter of Btu. It may be that approval for indoor requires the safety feature that shuts the gas off if the flame goes out.

If the Russians invade, indoor certifications will be the least of your worries!

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How about a basic camping stove?
or even:

I received the burner today and tried it out.

Got a 26 cm lodge screaming hot. And could still keep the heat nice and low.

Works great and feels like good Quality.

Thanks for all your replys👍


Russians?? I want to be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!!