Gabriellas (Italian steakhouse) coming to middletown nj

Does anyone know anyone have any intel?

It’s one of the owners of Patricia’s, that’s all I know.

Interesting. I wonder how many steaks they will serve and what the price points will be.

Interesting. Italian restaurants are not known for their steaks, at least not in my experience.

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Some are:


Brando’s in APP has been at it awhile now. (though not to my particular liking)

The answer is 42.


Are Italian places and Steakhouses separate categories in NJ?
Many of the Steakhouses of my youth in KC and later in Omaha had an Italian presence as standard fare. I miss it now.

Most Italian restaurants in my area do not carry beef (unless they have a cheesesteak on the sandwich menu). Typically, you can expect chicken, seafood, veal, and maybe a pork chop. Granted I am surrounded by many pizzeria-type places, but all the menus are generally the same.

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What Greg said. :grin:

I’d venture to guess that NJ has more Italian restaurants per square mile than Texas has… longhorns! We’re truly oversaturated (imo), and many pizzerias also offer full menus that include sandwiches, salads, and ‘red sauce’ entrees like chicken parm. The more upscale Italian restaurants aren’t much different–they’re usually just missing the pizza component, but have wait staff and bars.

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Corso 98 (an Italian restaurant in Montclair) actually makes an excellent filet mignon topped with gorgonzola cheese, in a tarragon butter demi glace. They serve it with asparagus and caramelized onion mashed potatoes. It is on their regular menu. They also offer short ribs as a special sometimes, along with their pork chops, which are on the regular menu.


In agreement with both @gcaggiano and @CurlzNJ most pizzeria style Italian restaurants do not carry beef/steak, it’s not uncommon for higher end Italian restaurants to carry a staple steak dish or two. Traditionally these steaks are going to be sauced, vs. traditionally grilled.

There are few formal Italian restaurants in our area that try to combine the two cuisines, Brando’s in APP, Osteria Cuccina (same owners) and Buona Sera to name a few. All 3 of these have extensive Italian food menu’s as well as CAB/PRIME/AGED steaks. So the true combination of the two is not a very common thing in our area.

Here is some trivia for @gcaggiano or anyone else from the Monmouth County area. Probably about 20+ years ago there was a family friendly Italian / Steakhouse restaurant in the Outback style or price range. It was called “The Spaghetti Western”…Where was it located? (I used to enjoy going when my kids were young since it was very family friendly, they served fried linguine with marinara for dipping in lieu of bread)



Spaghetti Western - Rt. 35 in Middletown? Around 1993? My BIL worked there for a month or two, don’t think I ever made it there myself.

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That sounds like the place, where on 35???

Don’t know, but have a feeling you may tell me where Nicholas sits now.

Thank you for playing jsfein, you will receive a set of ginsu knives and a life time supply of turtle wax for participating today.

(Nicholas was a Mexican restaurant something like The 3 Amigo’s…that wasn’t the location of Spaghetti Western, sorry)


Interesting. What I’m talking about were/are
Steakhouses first but you’d always have spaghetti as a side, Italian bread, etc.
Maybe the Steakhouses of the middle of the country were owned by Italians.
Like this:

Friend of my late FIL. :slight_smile:

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Damn. Someone is trying to win that best pictures award…


I remember that! The location is on 35 right near my beloved bowling alley Chinese food and later became Basille’s (my parents knew the owner and we were treated like kings) and then they closed and it became a Carraba’s (now also out of business). Location is currently vacant. I wouldn’t necessarily classify that location as a restaurant graveyard because every place there had a decent run, but it seems newer businesses are ditching this area and heading down 35 to get as close to Red Bank as they can.


You are correct!!! Winner Winner chicken dinner and Greg is buying!!!