Up front I’m fussy about some things. I don’t want to fight my food; I’m happy to debone a chicken in the kitchen but I don’t want to have to work around bones at the table. I certainly don’t want to pick up messy foods (chicken wings come to mind). This makes me a real downer when bashing crabs. Usually I just cook them for other people and eat sides. grin I eat pizza and often hamburgers with a knife and fork.

My fussiness essentially focuses on making a mess at table.

Are you fussy? What about? Does it impact your enjoyment of food or simply make you more comfortable so you can enjoy?

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I hate pulp in my orange juice, lemonade,etc

Crabs can’t be watery.

Soup and pizza I love super hot (think burning the roof of your mouth hot.)

Hotdogs with no mustard :confused: (unless you have a chili dog or something else)

When you go to a party and they hand you a burger with that oily cheese product on it. (ie fake american cheese slices.)

I absolutely love tuna and eat tons of raw and cooked tuna, but I won’t eat it out of a can, or any fish in a can.

Maybe those classify as fussy or picky, but those are a few I can think of.

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While I prep a lot of fruits and veg in advance it really depends on how well they hold up. Watery or produce that browns fast I avoid cutting early. A peeled, browning banana is nasty. Pears come to mind. I’m fussiest about produce.

Fresh coffee. I stopped buying grounds because they go bitter fast.

I prefer Soft butter unless a recipe req chilled.

I’ve gotten fussy about beverages. So many really are awful tasting or awful for us. I’m going to keep researching alternatives. I drink water all day but I’m craving something more than coffee, water, wine/beer/c’tails.

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“I don’t want to fight my food”

Never thought of it like that but I know exactly how you feel. Ribs, corn on the cob, chicken wings, fried chicken(with bones) are a few that come to mind. I don’t like to pick them up, take a few bites, put down, wipe my hands and lips, then pick up a fork to eat everything else. Just seems counterproductive to me.

Lobster when in NE was always eaten at home. I would crack it all open and put in the butter bowl. Then I would eat the whole meal with a fork.

I do eat pizza with my hands.

I am definitely a knife and fork person. Never thought of myself as ‘fussy’ though🙂

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What some people call “fussy”, we call “standards”

The thing that’s nice about standards is that there are so many of them.


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I’m particular when cutting lime or lemon slices for drinks. I scrub well first, cut both ends off til I reach the fruit and then cut into wedges. Once I have the wedges, I cut the white membrane off and remove any visible seeds.

I frequently pass on ready to use spring mix because it annoys me when I get the freshest one I can find by date, and still have to pull out slimy oak leaf or other greens. I’ve found both baby arugula packaged separately, as well as baby spinach leaves hold up much better.

I do LOVE chicken wings, bone in ribs and corn on the cob too, along with king or Dungeness crab, lobster, peel and eat shrimp, mussels, clams and oysters. We call these physical foods, but prefer to eat them at home.


With plastic sheeting on the floor and a tarp over the table? grin

I love chicken on the bone and, please don’t call it chicken scarpariella if its boneless chicken - its not! I too hate pulp in my OJ. And, please, DRY the lettuce for the salad - don’t serve me a salad with water on the bottom!! I know there are more, many more, I just can’t think now!


And don’t forget the bibs!

Yes, @winecountrygirl, I too hate wet lettuce.

Another thing I’m rigid with is mixing, then serving from the same bowl. (Not for green salads though), but things like potato salads, chicken or tuna salads, and mashed potatoes of course. Unless it’s just the two of us and/or we’re plating it. It’s true that you “eat with your eyes” first.

Have other peccadilloes, but can’t think of them right now. Interesting thread.


Soap-scrubbed hands before touching any food prep. Soap-scrubbed hands before anyone sits down at the table.


Highly approve of this routine.


This reminds me of a mildly off-color joke that I won’t impose on the HO community. Just know that your reasonable fussiness reminded me and now you owe me a keyboard.



And ain’t any of you invited to our crawfish boils!



Son’s family has routine, enter house, take off shoes, wash hands. Enter bathroom, even to snatch a Kleenex, exit and wash hands. Before meals, wash hands. After meals, wash hands.

(After a soccer game, enter house and wash knees as well as hands.)


I don’t think we have a room in the house without it’s own box of Kleenex. The results of hay fever.

Hey, would love to come, wasn’t born in Houston and love NOLA and Lafayette for nothin’! Was accused of really going after the peel n eat shrimp :shrimp: on North shore of Oahu, at a food truck, last month. Used the same excuse…

Count me out on those AYCE Chinese buffet shell on shrimp & crab legs too. Not that I trust them to begin with.

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YOU then, are invited.

(Truth to tell however, we usually have them out these days. Less mess to deal with afterwards.)

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