Fruit compote ideas

I really thought we had a thread on compotes but the search came up blank. I’ve been housebound with an injury and though I have a full pantry and fridge, ran out of fresh produce. I discovered a dried out old packet of TJ’s (no longer) soft and juicy dried mandarin orange segments, and I also had a bag of prunes (or what PC folks now call dried plums!). I nuked these with equal parts water and moscato wine, and really like the result.

My favorite compote, when I have the ingredients on hand, is fresh apple (a firm variety), Bosc pear, dried apricot, honey, sultanas (golden raisins), apple cider, and a tokay/sauternes-type wine. If I have prunes I’ll use these, too. Nuke covered on medium power until the fresh fruit is tender, then add the sultanas since they’ll soften well just sitting in the juices as the compote cools. I made this up and have never measured any of it. Though it is sweet, the wine provides an astringency that results in a sophisticated flavor. It’s a good dessert as is, perhaps with some plain cookies on the side, but also works over pound cake or vanilla ice cream.

I hope you have a speedy recovery!
How resourceful you are with the dried mandarins, that sounds like a really delicious combo
I used hachiya persimmons from my parent overburdened tree when i was there last to make a chuntney/compote with some carmelized onions, walnuts, thyme and black pepper. Lots of it went in the freezer, and it made a nice condiment with rice and ontop of yogurt

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How about some spices? 5 spice is the bomb diggity. I use it in everything.