Fruit cakes?!

I actually love fruit cake, but I’m not up for making my own. Any suggestions for the best mail order ones? I like the ones without the super sweet fluorescent fruit, and I can’t eat walnuts, but, other than that, I’m open! Thanks.

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This is my favourite in Canada

I’m going to buy some at the One of a Kind craft show in Toronto this weekend.

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I have no ‘hot leads’ but to relate…if it’s inexpensive, it’s cheap-cheap-cheep and likely not going to be a pleaser.

I do fruitcake from scratch, from a pre WW2 recipe, before rationing and “instant water” took over the scene.
one ~ 10 inch / 10 pound fruit cake runs to $60+
so that mall kiosk selling a fruitcake for $15 . . . not likely to be all too spectacular.

search ‘gourmet fruitcake’ - and discount any supplier selling to Walmart…

my fruitcake…


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Collin Street Bakery has a good reputation here in Texas. I haven’t tried it myself. It started showing up in local stores here last week right on cue. Here is list of ingredients:

“Our secret to greatness begins with our proprietary fruitcake recipe, a balanced blend of crunchy pecans, Costa Rican pineapple, ripe cherries, and golden raisins combined in honey-sweetened batter. Hand decorated with a crown or sprinkling of pecans and chunks of glacéed fruit, our DeLuxe® unique fruitcake shape ensures each cake is evenly baked and perfectly moist.”

And yet on another website they brag that it’s 27% pecans. That’s not a “fruitcake”. To me.


It’s quite good. They ship across North America.