Frozen Eggplant Cutlets

I recently bought a box of Dominex Frozen Breaded Eggplant Cutlets that I turned into eggplant parmesan. I used jarred red sauce, mozzarella and grated parm. It turned out real good! I love eggplant parm but making it from scratch is a P.I.A. Now I can have an acceptable product made in minutes. I thought the culets were expensive, a $7.00 package yielded a small dish of finished product. Any other sources or brands? I understand Trader Joe’s no longer offers breaded eggplant cutlets. Thanks!

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Tried the Aldi brand and half of the cutlets were bitter. In the garbage they went.

I can’t help but wanted to say thank you for the thread. I’ve seen these from time to time at Kroger or Aldi ((!) saw Natascha’s comment) and was always fearful of trying. I figured they might be super mushy sponge textured due to freezing, but now you’ve given me some hope.

I enjoyed them. I just got back from Costco and a worker there said they have them in the winter months. Makes no sense to me.