Frozen artic char

I have 2 pieces (bit less than a pound) of artic char that were in the freezer since aug 1. I’m sure it’s not as perfect as it once was so I was looking for ideas/recipes that would help ‘refreshen’ it. I do have nice spinach from the farmers market. Anything has to be low or invisible garlic due to dh who thinks he hates garlic😉

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Do you like Chinese-style? Or steaming? If you still want to eat garlic (recommended!) just press a clove or 2 separately and add to your own plate.

I steam fish all the time. Fast and easy. Love arctic char, btw. Sad that we don’t have any here and nobody wants to import or export it.

Quickly blanch the spinach and dress it with soya sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice.


Is somewhat spicy okay? Though I haven’t had Arctic char in awhile, I seem to recall that it plays nicely with preparations similar to those for salmon. I enjoy baked salmon in a gochujang glaze, with steamed spinach dressed in sesame oil on the side.

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Thank you both. I was leaning Asian style. All settled.

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You are certainly right - it’s a member of the salmon family and similar in many ways.

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I made a chef’s recipe a few years ago, which won a major prize at a food festival, for Arctic char. It was excellent, and used shiitake mushrooms in the prep, along with a vinaigrette, pure heaven. The char is hard to find, but since we’ve made it a few times, we have successfully subbed salmon, with great results.