Frosting for Gingerbread

I’m going to make Gingerbread (boxed from Trader Joes) for a group picnic for this weekend. Would anybody here frost it? I have butter and powdered sugar but I’m not sure whether to make a regular frosting or just do a simple powdered sugar and water drizzle, or even just shake some powdered sugar over the top.

I do have to transport the squares of gingerbread and will probably use tupperware.

I’m a sucker for gingerbread cookies with hardened icing on them. They should also transport well in tupperware.

thanks GinaMarie but I am going to make the cake style not cookies. Just wondered if I can do a hardened icing on that. I will cut the cake into squares once cool.

I’d just go for the powdered sugar, as it travels better.

If you’re doing a soft cake gingerbread, I wouldn’t do a hard icing. Buttercream or a glaze would work, although the glaze has more potential to be messy during transport. A dusting of powdered sugar is pretty too, and very easy to transport. If you do want to do buttercream, I would suggest baking it as cupcakes and frosting them individually. If you prefer a glaze, I’d bake it in a bundt pan, glaze it and leave it whole, then slice it at the venue.

An orange-flavored buttercream would be good. Just a little extract, liqueur, juice, and/or zest.

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