**“ FRILU, Thornhill “ - Bidding fond farewell to a ‘ Star ‘!**

I can still remember vividly the first time I dined at Frilu, over 6 years ago! Amuse bouche of Canadiana! - ‘Quebec horse meat tartare‘, ‘Marinated East Coast Scallops with Sake and Dill‘ and ‘Dry Ontario Deer with beet and coffee‘. So funky, exotic and yet so good! How can one forget about that?!

For me, to have a ‘ Nordic/Japanese fusion ‘ Omakase style, fine dining establishment, anchored by a pair of talented ‘NOMA’ trained Italian and a Kaiseki trained Japanese chefs, that is only a short 13 minutes drive from home, was a God send!!

After becoming a regular and establishing a rapport with the friendly and approachable chef/owner John-Vincent, I recalled saying to him, two years after Frilu’s opening. For sure, they are destined to receive a Michelin star, if and when Michelin comes to town. Well, my prediction was proven right in 2021 and the rest is history!

Learning on Instagram that Frilu will be closing for good at the end of July. A small group of avid foodies, restaurant critics and fans decided to bid farewell to chefs John-Vincent Troiano and Sakata San and savor their delicious creations, prepared in Frilu’s kitchen one last time.

As in the past ( tonight is my 11th visit ), the delectable food was creatively conceived, lovingly prepared and executed, gorgeously plated and narrated in detail by a pair of friendly, attentive and professional wait staff.

My favorites of the evening include the ‘BC Ikura with Celery Cream and Almond Oil’, East Coast Diver Scallops with Buttermilk and Basil oil, Charcoal grilled lobster and both the perfectly cooked meat. The refreshing Melon dessert was a great finish to a most enjoyable meal.

Since I was attending alone and will be driving home, I have no choice but to settle on the non-alcoholic beverage pairing……a selection of unfamiliar, bizarre, inventive and uncustomary concoctions using a variety of berries, fruits, species and herbs!! The result? A perfect scenario to apply the adjective ‘ Phantasmagoric ‘ to describe these offerings!

The end of an era…FRILU, you will be sorely missed! :cry: