Friends from the old playground............

I’m not sure if we are on the Chow radar yet, (though I think it would be difficult given what I"m reading that we are not) but I was just wondering, has anyone here heard directly from Chow about HO?

There is currently a thread;

(for however long that will remain active)

In which you see people flat our directing the OP to Hungry Onion. I’m fairly sure there is nothing Chow can do to stop posts like those from going up, besides take them down. My questions is, do we or are we encouraging outright poaching of people or do we want the recruitment efforts to be a bit more subtle and off the boards as much as possible?

If we keep openly dropping the Hungry Onion name on the boards, or directing people to come here, I can see CBS starting to get pissed, and I’m not sure that’s good for our overall future.

I know there are plenty of excellent legal minds here…I welcome your thoughts and opinions as well as perhaps an “official” policy on how far we should be going in poaching people on Chow. I’ve been strictly off the boards in my attempts to bring people here…thoughts?

(ETA…it also seems the conversation is taking a turn towards comparing how “dead” the Kosher board is here vs. there, just doesn’t sit right with me the way that conversation is going. Just my $ .02)

Ahh, treat 'em like eggs and poach if it’s your preference. Just remember to add a little vinegar to the water for best results. . . .

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At this point I feel the most comfortable simply advising them that TPTB consider it OT. If they provide an email in their profile they may more easily be able to pursue to topic.

I have noticed some growing hostility from a few CH posters about refuges posting links or using new sites address on their profile. They seem to take it rather personal.

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what’s the big deal ? It’s a free world .

I posted a topic from Kosher there since that was her thing. I didn’t flat out say come on over, though!!

Ohhhhh you’re a poacher for sure!!!

On a some what similar note, though not really worthy of it’s own thread, I paid a visit to that “other” site that was spun off from Chow. It doesn’t seem based on my quick review that they are gaining nearly the traction we are. Has thee been any dialog of having them just join us here?


You phrase that as though there is a contived campaign by HO to “poach” from CH. I don’t think there is, is there?

Assuming not, then it is simply a matter of individuals posting to CH. It’s entirely a matter for CH how it then deals with posts. I’d agree that CH taking them down is the likely outcome - they obviously wouldnt be wanting to give free advertising space to HO. One thing we can be sure of, so far, is that our leaving CH has not brought that house down around them. Maybe longer term consequences but I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t assume there will be any impact from our leaving, I’m of the belief we were viewed as fleas on the back of the hound and we were shaken off accordingly.

I just don’t want to see us become a thorn in the side of a corporate conglomerate who could attempt to bury us in legal submission of some sort.

Why would the “corporate conglomerate” bother if your leaving had no impact?

I found them first and periodically check it. It looks like its mostly LA. I stopped looking at it.

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Having no impact on their plans is different than “littering” their site with solicitations for this site. I don’t think they give a dam about us leaving, I think if every other thread becomes comments or recruitment of this site it could certainly piss them off enough to do something about it.

Correct, very west coast heavy, but over all it seems like very little volume compared to here. From what I see of our progress it seems we are growing at a decent and even pace. Lot’s of new threads in a variety of categories.

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Ah, okay. If Chowhound is set up like the other message board sites I belong to, they can easily stop you from posting under your current user name. You’d have to keep setting up new accounts if you wanted to keep at it.

Seems most sites send you info via your e-mail to activate a new account so wouldn’t you have to keep supplying a new e-mail address to go along with the new user name?

Yes. That’s what would make it a pain in the ass for the potential rabble-rouser.

Plus they can figure out from your IP address that you’re the same user.

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Too much aggravation just to take a few jabs at old constipated Marssy :smiling_imp:


You seem to have gotten to know her far better than I my friend.