Fried chicken meet Houston

At the behest of Jaymes and after a threatening e mail I’ve joined THE onion with a revised moniker, jcostiones.

I’ve proposed a meet on Saturday 11/14 at BBQ Inn at 400-430, that’s 1600 to 1630 hours for you Jaymes.

Lambsy has already rsvp’d and the Wifeacita and I am all in.

We are certainly not eating just chicken, I see fried shrimp and oysters in my future.

Lambowner, tell me more about the chef salad with ham.

I’m definitely there. And going to get some of that shrimp and ostiones, too. And maybe a Flying Saucer pie to take home.

Thanks for honchoing this, Sr. Ostiones. Looking forward to it.



I’ll be bringing something between 1 and 9.

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It’s all in the salad dressing, Mr. ostiones, the salad dressing.

And I’m telling people 4, Saturday nights are busy there I imagine, so earlier is better in my book.

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I’m kinda excited about another get-together, and hope the camaraderie and good food causes our group to expand as exponentially as it has my waistline.

Chicken, shrimp, oysters, fish - sounds like a veritable feast of fried foods. As my dear friend Steve Sando says, “If anything is good, it’s probably better deep-fried.”

Found this article interesting (from Houston Press, a few years back):

I’ll plan to arrive around 4:00 as well.

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Maybe we could order one chef’s salad to share.

Four is the earliest for me due to work.

Buncha old people hitting the early bird special. :wink:

Where did the time go???

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At least we all don’t live in Florida.

I’m looking forward to meeting y’all. I don’t think hubby can be talked into it. I’m still working on it though.

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Ya’ll, is there a way to compress messages that are already read and see only the new ones (to me) like CH does? Some of these threads I’m looking at are dozens of comments long and do I have to slog through each time to see what is newly posted?

I don’t think so, but when I click on a link, it takes me to the first unread message, or the last message if they’re all read.

Using Firefox if that matters.

Now on my Kindle, which does not use Java, I can read only. I can’t login so I can’t post. Oh well. At least it’s not Chowhound!

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I am writing this from my kindle.

I have a first generation KindleFire.

When I click the LOGIN button, I get a screen that says:

“Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled” and a blank page.

Kindle doesn’t support Java. So what am I doing wrong?

P.S. I apologize for this off-topic-ness…

Me too.

Hmm…not sure…I dont log in here. I just keep it in my favs and log in that way. I also joined HO using my kindle. I like it a heckuva lot better than my puter.

I will ask someone smarter about these things than I am. Sorry I couldnt help right now…

I can do earlier now as I found out I’m off on Saturday.

Matters not to me. I can make it whenever.

I think we should stick with stick with 4.

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I’ll like to be there - 4 sounds good - BUT, since I don’t know any of you, how will I recognize the group, as BBQ Inn is often packed? Is there a secret dress code, or a secret hand sign and handshake, like the Masons? If nobody responds to this question, I guess I’ll just put on a name tag. :smile: