Fresh turmeric - any recommended recipes or usage?

Mr naf bought fresh turmeric by mistake (as usual) for the new year’s eve meal… All of my recipes are calling for powder version. Does anybody has any great recipes calling for the usage of the fresh root? Any suggestions will help. Thanks.

Curiously, I really like the fresh root and absolutely despise the powder kind. It is probably one of the reasons I despise curries, especially Indian, and anything with turmeric/curry powder.

But to answer your question, I pound the root finely, then add lots of good olive oil to make a thin paste.

How I use this paste:

  • Freeze small portions and use one at a time to prevent waste as they can get mouldy after some time in the fridge.

  • Add snipped herbes, pressed garlic and seasoning to the paste (and more olive oil). Brush the paste on (flat) bread, any meat and seafood before grilling. I do this all the time every summer.

  • Use the same plain paste to flavour braises and stir-fries (Well, anything, really).

Fresh turmeric gives food a lovely shade of orange-yellow and smells nice.

Maybe others can give more more ideas.

ETA: found my bread pic with turmeric oil on Flickr.


I’m more familiar with fresh ginger, I couldn’t stand ginger powder.

Your freezing part is an excellent idea and thx for the suggestions, the garlic and herbes paste is my favourite, will do well with fish and meat.

Just find a recipe that I’m going to do: mango marinated with lemongrass, turmeric and lemon juice. Normally the recipe require to mix after 15-20 minutes and served with radish. I think I will keep the mango in piece to serve with pork.

Did some research online, I think I will do the following too.

• Golden yogurt sauce
mix yogurt, olive oil, turmeric, black pepper, garlic, lemon juice, salt, herbs (parsley, coriander or mint) - great with raw vegetables, grilled meat, fish…

• Pineapple juice with turmeric

• Carrot + orange juice with turmeric

A chef strong recommended tomato with turmeric, it’s a combination I’ve never thought of before. I still have a few tomato with the garden…(late bloomers!), I will give that a try.

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