Fresh tail of halibut, skin on . From Costco o

If you are annoyed, so sorry to keep coming here.

I’ve got another one. I bought a piece of halibut at Costco, the first time with the skin on.

Not sure it was a great move, since after boning and skinning, it might cost me more than the filet. But it’s done.

Trying to add a picture.

I know I can save bones, and maybe skins, but I already have so many bits and pieces
in my freezer.

Thanks Harters!


Any compelling reason or recipe I might want to cook with bone and skin on? Would they add that collagen/ mouthfeel thing to a sauce, curry or soup?

Cooking on the bone is often to said to improve flavour. How true that is must be anyone’s guess - I’d need to do a blind taste to see whether I noticed anything.

Cooking with the skin still on probably helps to keep it all together. But, unless you can get the skin crispy, take it off before eating - nobody wants to eat flabby fish skin.

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And yours is really cheap!

Price in the UK would be getting on for double that

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Chefteps butchering a whole halibut.

Halibut in coconut green curry.