Fresh makrut what?

I was so startled to see fresh makrut limes yesterday in a market that I had to pick up a few just to see how they taste fresh. I’ve never found these fresh near me, and even lime leaves require going quite a bit out of the way of my hood to find reliably.

So now what do I do with them?.. :joy:

I guess adding it to some Thai dish would be the obvious choice, but is there also a particular dish or way to use them would really showcase its unique aroma and fragrance? Also, since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I expect I will not have much spare room in my fridge for the next 3-4 days at least! A large batch of Thai food won’t necessarily work right now, so at minimum I hope this fruit stays fresh in the fridge for a few days.

You could make tuk meric the delicious Cambodian lime and black pepper dipping sauce. One of my favourite things when I was in Cambodia. Great with beef.

This recipe looks good.

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That’s a great idea! Now I feel bad that I didn’t splurge and get a pack of those kampot peppercorns from the market. I hope subbing with regular peppercorns work well.

I also love the chili salty dipping sauce they give you for fresh fruit. That stuff made already good fruit just irresistible. Was one of my favorite things about breakfast there.

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Taste them first. I got some once and they were super intense. Would not necessarily sub 1:1 for regular lime juice.

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