"French vanilla "

"French vanilla "- what does that mean to you? During a recent trip to New Orleans, husband enjoyed some ice cream labeled "French vanilla ",

and started searching for US national brands.

I said it was a flavor, and he said it meant it had eggs and was creamy. Boy, the look I gave.

Turns out that while it might be a marketing term, he was right! :open_mouth:

French Vanilla vs Vanilla according to Masterclass

Do you understand French vanilla to mean it includes eggs?

  • French vanilla includes eggs
  • French vanilla is a flavor
  • Other

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P.S. I’ve always thought of frozen custard as soft serve.

I don’t have a strong opinion, but I’d also say less air. I expect a French vanilla to be dense and made from a custard base. I did not read the linked article yet (wanted to vote with honest first thought) but I see that it is Tillamook. Other than my homemade (which has more eggs than most) my husband really likes Tillamook. One reason is because he does not need to let it warm up long to get a good scoop. I think that is because their process incorporates more air.


It’s both a type of prep (custard based) and (now) a flavor.