French Quarter restaurant Saint John closes 'indefinitely’ after frustration,...

Bah! Saint John has closed. A huge loss for New Orleans.

Or it’s not closing, apparently. The Louisiana Public Service Commissioner personally intervened with Entergy and did something after the story got onto the front page of the Advocate-Times Picayune, so their power got turned back on.

Honestly if St. John closed permanently I would not be crying about it. I was not impressed by it, or the chef’s other restaurant, Gris-Gris, either. I’m eternally baffled by why people love them so much. Oversized portions of not-that-great food is what I’ve been served at both places.

That whole fried fish was really good, though. Otherwise, yes.

Glad they’ve been given a stay! I truly loved my dinner there. The smothered turkey necks were heaven. I guess my tastes are really out of touch with most people on this site. Hence, my lack of posting these past months.

Some people. Not all. :slight_smile:

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Why not share some of your favorites?

I have two reports on here dated July 19 where I give photos and details. In regards to Saint John, I thought everything was pretty darn good from the turkey necks and jambalaya to the short ribs and bread pudding. Overall, super impressed with New Orleans cuisine. I was planted pretty firmly in the French Quarter on the first trip. Would love to revisit and explore more options.