[French Food] Fish conserves

Come more often, now you need to come to buy fish conserves!!

But we have to go to other places, too. We have to go to the States once a year. We have to go to Tel Aviv each year. And we have to go someplace that we have never been each year. I know, it’s a tough life.

Can’t go there now, any country that has any case of coronavirus need to be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival. Do you have any covid-19 in your country?

Can’t go anywhere right now. We just had the first death from the virus in Switzerland, in Canton Vaud. A 74-year-old woman with a chronic disease.

Well, we’re in Paris now, so I figured I’d try to find Rödel Foie de Morue Fumé at Le Bon Marché . Well, we found Foie de Morue Fumé, but not from Rödel, but from J. C. David. So I bought it. Hope it’s good.


Haven’t tried J.C. David but I think should be similar.

Wow, you’re in Paris now. Well Omicron is spreading fast here, all friends are getting positive around me with either light symptoms or nothing with the booster dose. Maybe use mask FFP2 if you want to be more sure. Clean your hands often.

Hi @naf,

We’re back home in Zurich. We have plenty of Connetable Maqueraux, and no covid! Hope we’ll be able to come again.


Do you like foie de morue?

This one is strongly recommended.

Haven’t tried it yet. I’ll let you know when we have.

Well, we had the foie de morue tonight. Had I read the note on the Conserves Parallèles that you included in your post, I probably would have put the can in the refrigerator for some 12 minutes. I just read it now.

I liked it; my wife didn’t. So I ate it. She switched to smoked salmon. When I was done, there was so much oil left in the tin, I figured that oil must be half of the weight. So I looked at the package: total weight - 120 g. Net weight of liver - ca. 65 g. Seems like a lot of oil for a small amount of liver.

I’ll have to keep an eye open for foie de morue here in Zurich. It’s possible that the local delicatessen has it, just as they have products from la belle-iloise, something I had never noticed until you mentioned the name.


I checked the can I have here, the oil in the can is extruded cod fish oil, in this case, I think it can be used for salad or other dishes.

Connetable also has agreat tuna fillets in xvirgin olive oil. Once upon a time we used to import other products from France. Always made sure to give the factory a whole lot of the tuna to ship home to us.

I’ll look for them the next time we’re in Paris. But we have some excellent tuna in olive oil here in Zurich.

Also popular is the sardine conserve.

La Quiberonnaise Vintage 2016 / 2017


I’m not sure it fits into the “conserves” category, but has anyone found canned or jarred brandade? I see jarred cod in oil, but never the full preparation with potatoes and EVOO.


They don’t seem to be available in the US, not even for shipping from Europe.

A quick search in Google, I don’t find anything in US. I guess if you can find salt cod, then you can make them at home. Actually, I’ve never bought the ready made one.


Bretagne has a number of small remarkably good “conserveries”. Compagnie Bretonne, La Paimpolaise, Groix et Nature, Poisson d’Ouest, La Quiberonnaise. If their products are available where you live, grab them. And try the fish rillettes as well as the conserves.

Poisson d’Ouest does a very addictive foie de lotte/ monkfish… much better than foie de morue in my opinion.