[French Food] Fish conserves

Update to our Paris trip:
The water in the hotel we stay in is undrinkable. The hotel provides guests with a free bottle of mineral water for the first night, but for further nights, the guest has to pay hotel prices for the water. So we buy mineral water at a small grocery across the street. The mineral water is at the back, and while getting it, one passes by the canned fish products. Well, they looked interesting. So when we were about to take the train home, in addition to mineral water, I bought two cans of fish. We had the mussels a few weeks ago. Completely forgettable. But I also grabbed a can of Connétable maqueraux (mackeral) in a wine sauce. This was terrific. I’d almost consider a trip back to Paris just to get some more of Connétable’s products.

LOL! They are not bad. If you want more of that, I can mail them to you.

Personally, I like la Belle-ĂŽloise, you can find them in Paris in their own shops, very tasty fish conserves.

Problem is, can I find them in Zurich?

I have found several online stores in Germany that sell la Belle-Îloise and Connétable products. The next time I go to Germany to pick up stuff, I’ll order some.

I just ordered some la Belle-Îloise and Connétable fish products for delivery in Germany. The mackeral was, unfortunately, not available, but I ordered a number of different sardine preparations. On verra.

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Went to Germany this morning for the fish products, came back, went to the gourmet food court where I buy tomatoes and cheese. It turns out that they have a shelf full of la Belle-Îloise products! I guess it pays to keep one’s eyes open. But the prices here are significantly higher than the online prices.

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Hi naf,

Whenever I send a reply to you in this subject, the application barks at me, “You have sent too many replies to this person! Reply to someone else, you idiot! Or else send a message.”

Well, I’m sending a message. Not because I am flexible and obedient. More because I don’t think that anyone else would be interested in the subject.

I bought 5 Ilioise products and 4 from Connetable. Today we started with Iloise Sardines à l’huile d’olive au citron. They were good, but not mind-blowing. Not something I feel I have to have again. Next we’ll try the same product from Connetable. After that we have a number of sardine products as well as mackeral products from both producers to try. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the Maqueraux in some kind of white wine that we brought back from Paris, and that I liked so much.

If you are interested, I’ll update you on each one. But the whole business is really not that interesting. I am still glad that I discovered that many of the la belle-iloise products are available here.

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This is the first time I heard about this. I will try to find out more on this. Really weird.

Actually, I think this might interest someone who thinks of bringing home stuff from France. It’s true that I’ve never thought of bringing fish conserves to friends.

Maybe it’s this one you should buy?

I think I like the one I like in belle iloise was sardine in olive oil. Good quality fish, but then I think you can find it rather easily in a good grocery store with other good brands too.

Which one you were talking about?



It’s been a while, but I think we had the one at the top.

Hi naf,

This whole thing started because I wrote about how much we enjoyed Connétable’s Macqueraux au Muscadet. Then you wrote that you preferred products from la Belle-Îloise. So what did I do? I started checking online. Some 2-3 weeks later, after picking up 10 or so fish conserves in Germany, I saw that la Belle-Îloise products were available in one of the stores that I go to 2 or 3 times a week. I never thought to look, but then they had table full of them in the middle of the floor, close to where I go to buy tomatoes. So, I did go to look. And while our upper class food store (Globus) didn’t carry the whole range of la Belle-Îloise, they did carry some Maquereaux au vin blanc, so I bought some.

Both mackerel products were very good, but I think I liked the Connétable a bit better. I have also tried Sardines au Citron from both brands. I liked both, but here I think I preferred la Belle-Îloise.

By the way, I didn’t go to Germany just for fish. I also bought some Italian pizza flour.

Well, I like Connectable but at the same time it has been my standard lunch meal, especially maquereaux au vin blanc and maquereaux with mustard.

So comparatively I find belle iloise the aromates is better, the quality of fish too. But maybe it’s because i’m overdosed with Connectable.

Well, at least I have a reason to come back to Paris!!!


H couldn’t eat any mustard fish conserve, bitter memory of compulsory army service. Even it was so long time ago.

Another reason, you have to go to Pantagruel!!

We plan to. Also plan to return to Istr. And Alliance.

Detour. The chef is still in competition @topchef France :fr: !! 3rd week now!!

I do hope to get there. But there are SO many places in Paris that one would like to try.

Come more often, now you need to come to buy fish conserves!!

But we have to go to other places, too. We have to go to the States once a year. We have to go to Tel Aviv each year. And we have to go someplace that we have never been each year. I know, it’s a tough life.