Freezing "everything" Bagels?


I hope I put this in the proper place.

I have popped plain bagels in the freezer before. They turn out fine. My hubby knows I love “everything” bagels and brought home 8 (yes eight) of them. My normal purchase is a couple at a time.

Anyway, my question, I wonder if the poppy seeds, garlic, sesame seeds, etc. on the bagels will freeze well?

I used to do it all the time (I no longer can eat bagels) As long as you toast them after freezing, careful not to burn the stuff outside. I even think it improves them.


No problem at all! I like to freeze them whole and then slice in half and toast after they have defrosted- i think slicing before freezing can dry them out.
Gold star for the hubby :slight_smile:

No problem. I’d unwrap before thawing, so the topping doesn’t stick to the wrapping.

Yes, He is a keeper. How he expected me to eat 8 bagels quickly without buying extra cream cheese and scallions was a hicough… :wink:

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Good idea. Thanks. I put them individually in small fteezer bags.

I would think so, but I am not a bagel expert.

I do this all the time. Slice them in half first, then freeze in a gallon-sized freezer bag. I rub the cut side lightly with water and use the bagel setting on the toaster. The kid doesn’t do the water thing first, though, and is perfectly happy with the results.

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My experience is that ALL breads freeze just fine, but NEVER thaw them in a microwave unless you have a fetish for chewing on old truck tires! Some “artisan” breads such as crusty baguettes and such often benefit from a few minutes in the oven.

When I first read “everything” bagels, things like lox and cream cheese danced across my memory banks and flashed a warning. About a month ago, I bought a “six pack” of Philadelphia CC, then (foolishly) let the housekeeper put the groceries away… Did you know that freezing cream cheese gives it the texture of a very “crumbly” chevre? NOT a good thing! But now I’m gonna add lox and cream cheese to my shopping list! And maybe some fresh baby dill. Thanks for the reminder. So, “What’s for BREAKFAST”? '-)

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They freeze well. Even better if you use a vacuum sealer

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You can microwave defrost, but only very briefly, and only if well wrapped in paper towel to avoid the rubber cement effect. Just enough to cut or separate, you don’t want to destroy all that moisture, or cook it.

I freeze them all the time, but I ALWAYS slice them first. I don’t like trying to cut them when they’re frozen, and I don’t want to wait for them to thaw first. Out of the freezer and straight into the toaster, that’s just how we roll around here.

When we visit NYC we bring home two dozen bagels, half everything and half salt. I wrap each one tightly in plastic wrap and then into zipping bags. They do great. But they have to be toasted.

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