Freezing braised collard greens

My deceased grandmother is rolling in her grave that I’m asking this as I should know the answer but, here I am. I plan to make collard greens for the New Year as usual (simple southern style braised in pork stock with smoked turkey and onions). I usually make enough to eat through the weekend and have already acquired a fridge full but will be away this weekend don’t want them to go to waste. I’m assuming they freeze well but have just never frozen them so thought I would ask others. Do they freeze well? Is it ok to freeze in the pot likker or should I freeze them separately? Does a simple microwave reheat work?


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Yes. They freeze nicely. I always make a bunch just so I will be able to freeze some for the time when they aren’t available at the produce stand. I freeze pot likker and all.

I usually just pop the contents into a pot, but I see no reason why they wouldn’t microwave fine.


Great, thanks. That’s what I assumed but just wanted to double check.

I do it just like Robin, pot likker and all. When I’m really on top of it, I like to freeze in quart sized freezer bags, so I don’t have to thaw the whole container at once. The smaller portions might be easier to microwave.

That’s a great idea, or just plop the bag in some hot water

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