"Free" Kitchen Aid cookware


Essentially. You get a gift card for the same amount as the pot/pan. It’s valid as of the following day, and doesn’t expire. That OSJL is eligible to stay open is a bit of a stretch, since food isn’t the main department in their stores, but since gun stores are considered essential, I guess OSJL has more justification than some.

You know the old saying ~ If it sounds too good to be true…

Oh no, you’re quite wrong. OSJL does promotions like this all the time. I have bought MANY things with this kind of offer in the last ecade or so. It’s completely legitimate. Mine have always been in-stock items. The ship-to-store goods seem to be either large ones, where storage room in individual stores would be insufficient, or items they have only in limited numbers, making this option the way to provide purchase opportunities to all customers.

As long as you think you’re getting a good deal, that’s all that counts.