foxface pan

not on the pete wells level of disdain for guy fieri’s restaurant, but i’m shocked a) eater published the article and b) siestema had the writing chops to come up with the review. I mean this is the reviewer who said of Cheesy Pizza on the UWS “the pizza is cheesy” (or something like that) while naming it a top neighborhood pizza joint in nyc (not even close).

“ I could say Foxface Natural was a quintessential modern dining experience in which absurdly sourced ingredients are made into almost-edible dishes. Or perhaps this is an experiment in metafood, wherein a meal is created more for Instagram than for eating.”


Grab some popcorn.


it’s funny that foxface posted that on instagram. I check eater once a week or so, can’t recall them ever panning a restaurant.

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It’s not really a pan. It’s a mixed review, with more snark than is warranted.

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Kangaroo tartare tho.

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true, he did love the flatbread served with the kangaroo “mush” :joy:

Dont know. Seems more of a pan to me but who cares

PS, Eater is currently down. Never underestimate Israeli techies

It’s a hit/hate job from someone who’s been mocked frequently on another site associated with the owners of Foxface. That’s no excuse for the weirdly ignorant attack.


Well said.

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We liked it much better than he did :joy:

I didn’t post my response here earlier, but his whole review sounds like a toddler’s tantrum, with about the same level of writing.

Let’s start with:
"Annoyingly, there are no signs identifying the restaurant on its gray exterior”
— because no one in nyc has ever encountered a trendy new place with no signage… the gall!

I think we dodged a bullet, because there was no shrimp on the menu last night. That I remember, anyway. I really should have taken a picture of it.

November 9 menu :wink:

Thanks! I think the only difference is that there was no ikura on our menu.