For eternal students of pasta...

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I need find the name of 1 pasta, came across this big chart today, hope it’s useful.


That’s great! Can you send me the link for where you found it? It’s the kind of thing I would have a professional print out for me and frame to hang on my wall.

It’s created by Chasing Delicious. They have more explanations on pasta terms online:


The suffixes you’ll find on pasta will often indicate size, though it can also be used to denote specific details about the preparation or the pasta itself.

-ini, -elli, -illi, -etti, -ine, -elle

-oni, -otti




It wasn’t until I lived in Italy that I came across spaghettoni, which now I like better than spaghetti

Here is a photo of the line of dry pasta products of Benedetto Cavalieri in Puglia, and it is also beautiful if you find dry pasta beautiful to look at. Informative too.

Me too, I love it, feel more solid and stays firm after cooking. For spaghetti I like nº12.

Another wonderful cut of long dry pasta is bavette if you can find it. It is not thick, but it feels it has more substance for being triangular and not round.

moving this to cooking.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find this as an illustration accompanying the dictionary entry for “redundancy” ! :wink:

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