For eggs which sticks less, tin or silver?

GF has a very small copper fry pan lined with SS. It’s driving her nuts. I found something by Soy lined with silver. For slightly less there are plenty of Baumalu pans lined with tin on eBay. The main issues are correct size and ease of release.

My SIL had this same issue. She didn’t understand that you need to grease the pan.

Not just grease it, pour in enough oil that the egg swims in it. That’s how my dad did it.

Can’t speak to the silver-lined Soy but the Baumalu omelet pan releases just dandy with a small dab of butter or a spritz of spray oil. (Aren’t you a copper guru?)

Wait - you said the Baumalu is “slightly less.” ?? Isn’t Soy a much higher quality product? And lined in silver! ??

You saw the thread about counterfeit Baumalu? (Fake stuff from China marketed through Tuesday’s’ etc.). . . The things I bought at TM tested negative for lead. Relief. Unsure about what could be circulating through ebay.

“The main issues are correct size and ease of release.” No Teflon issues? Then just get a cheap aluminium non-stick at a tenth of the cost of anything copper and replace as needed. Goes in the DW too. Actually, for eggs, I’d get a Circulon at about a fifth of the cost of copper, they produce some great (non DW, mainly) pans.


And we’re off!
I use the small omelet pan for many sautée tasks (small quantities) & appreciate the cooking qualities of the copper. It is a nice little multitasker. Guessing the Poster feels the same way.
Not to denigrate all the other tools people use for eggs. . . Documented copiously here and elsewhere.

Fair enough. The OP title was indeed a tin/silver question, and I’ve never owned any copper!

But you are correct, the cooking of an egg was also in the question! :wink:
Oh, those pesky eggs.

If you are talking a fried egg I use tin lined copper all the time and unless I use oil, they always stick, if scrambled I use a the double boiler method with great results. Can’t afford silver coated so that is my two cents worth.

I have used tin, silver, stainless and even nickel lined pans. I cook eggs in copper lined with stainless with no problem, including scrambled eggs. I don’t know what I am doing right. I do preheat the pan, before adding the oil, or butter, but I do not use an excessive amount. Then I turn the heat way down, maybe 50%.

I prefer copper to be 2 mm thick, or more, but I have even used a small copper gratin pan to cook eggs in. I also have cooked eggs in silver lined copper, with no problem. Again if I don’t preheat the pan, it might stick. I have never cooked an egg in tin, as most of my fry pans are stainless or silver lined.

Hi, John:

To answer your question directly, I think silver sticks a little more, but not much.

They both stick less if you follow others’ good advice here and preheat the pan somewhat prior to oiling. NOTA BENE: Until you know (or have a good contact thermometer), beware preheating tinned copper dry on the stovetop. Just use the oven. This is THE reason to buy silver and SS–you can’t screw up the lining by overheating.

I’ll also make a pitch for “seasoning” both tin and silver–just cook in them and wipe them out. Or, take a waste skim of oil to just below the smoke point, cool it , and wipe it out.

Soy’s US distributor is actually a wine shop about 5 miles away from me. Let me know if you want me to look before you buy.


Hey everybody, thanks for the responses. I have been sick, so got sidetracked for a bit.

GF has a thing for copper, all tin lined except her favorite little egg pan which is a double liability: Really thin copper and SS lining.

I purchased a couple of Turkish coffee pots last weekend at Compass Wine which is where I saw a comparable egg pan in silver. I might get her the Soy pan because the preheat is idiot proof. I figure a good preheat will more than offset any additional stickiness from the silver compared to tin.

BTY, thanks for the heads up about lead in the fake Baulamu pots. I had not heard of the issue.

I think my GF has two of them. The rivets are not copper. Purchased at Marshalls at a stupidly cheap price.

Fortunately they have seen little use, as she likes my pots better. I will test the pots soon enough.

i have an All Clad D5 Omelet Pan from WS
It does not stick at all, I only use a spray to coat the pan, heat it for 2-3 minutes.
The 5-ply bonded construction with alternating layers of stainless steel and conductive aluminum provides warp-free strength and even heating throughout.
PFOA-free nonstick coating for healthier cooking with less fat.
Heat-resistant stainless-steel handle with large bolster is permanently secured with stainless-steel rivet
you can buy a cover for it too.
I does not stick at all, eggs just slide off.