For Brussels sprouts haters

Though I love them, I got a big laugh while watching a talk show wherein, when Brussels sprouts were mentioned during a discussion of holiday meals , one wag called them “the Devil’s hemorrhoids”. However, a proponent suggested sauteing them with curry powder, something I’d never thought of, and will definitively do.

That’s a sure way to ruin curry powder.

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Go all out and saute, (better yet stirfry) them in ghee.

(I may do that today.)

Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables but they are easy to ruin, unfortunately - IMO steaming or boiling them is the absolute worst, and the frozen kind are always nasty. I have had the most success getting haters to enjoy them by shredding them and then sauteing - the shredded texture seems to help people get over the hump. It also means that butter, oil and whatever you use to season them can get distributed evenly throughout the sprouts rather than just seasoning the outsides.


I like to gut the stem with four cuts of a paring knife, break the sprouts into leaves, and roast them with olive oil, salt and pepper. I used to heavily char them, but if they’re peak quality, I prefer to keep them green.

David Chang’s recipe is an umami bomb to help convince people of the merits of brussels sprouts.


I am too lazy to break them up into individual leaves, but I do frequently roast them halved. The leaves that come loose during the trimming and halving process are the best part! They get so crispy in the oven. I usually roast with bacon fat instead of oil for porky deliciousness.

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Perhaps the vilest vegetable on the planet. Taste and texture are just hideous. And one of the fartiest.

Roasting only intensifies the vile flavour.

We Britons really only ever eat sprouts with the Christmas Day turkey. Only not me. I have no idea whatsoever why it’s traditional. Not least as there are so many other vegetables to eat that would be better. Yuuuccck

Rant ends…

I don’t particularly like it or hate it, most of the time, I don’t know what to do with it. Agreed with @biondanonima boiling them is a horror. A few weeks ago, I tried making Ottolenghi’s Brussel sprouts risotto, pretty good, will remake it again!

I feel that way about beets. Except maybe about the farts. I’ve never eaten enough of them to experience the aftereffects.

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Halve them, then saute them with oil until the layers touching the pan are slightly brown. Then add a small amount of water to the pan, close the lid and let the water steam and evaporate. sprouts softened because of steam. done.

overcook it and you will get the sulphurous and farty smell.

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Roast them n bacon fat, add more bacon when they’re done.

So, how do you really feel? :laughing:

I toned down my language.


I maintain that most vegetables people hate have been prepared the wrong way. I mean, if you only ever had boiled to death or steamed frozen veggies then yeah, they’re all pretty nasty.
I can’t get enough brussel sprouts myself- roasted, pan fried, hash, superthin raw in slaw style salad, i’ll even eat them steamed if there’s a tasty sauce involved.
As a hash i love isa’s version with cubed potatoes, but i skip the lemon and add a splash of red wine vinegar while cooking, sometimes pimenton or smoked salt goes in


+1 for the momofuku sprouts!
I make it vegetarian (fake fish sauce) but for me those cripsy bits of rice krispies on top are genius

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I love Brussel sprouts and I love vegan and these sound great! Thanks.

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Love Brussels sprouts. Roasted is my go to method but shredded is fantastic too. I can do steamed as long as you don’t take them to far. Never boil them

To all you haters . Your probably getting the old limp ones that are shipped thousands of miles to you . You must try the ones in my neighborhood . Farmers growing them a couple miles from me overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California . The view , the fog . Shout , Shout , for Brussels sprouts . Overly delicious .


Glad to see brussel sprouts getting the love they deserve

These pics are from last week in your hood

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