For braised Green beans with Tomatoes and Garlic


It’s funny I actually make them most often for my family here in CA, they’re an appreciative audience and although i have shown mom and dad how to do them several times apparently they just don’t…! Haha, so i need to make them at least once each visit :)) somehow finding great fresh produce here is just a birthright in CA, vs a game of hide and seek like in nyc



The dish definitely works better with older, tougher beans, but for whatever the reason, the oil also seems to help maintain their integrity. You don’t need to have them actually swimming in oil (though that is my personal preference :wink:), but you do need more than just a couple of tablespoons… It also freezes quite well, so when I make it, I make extra for weeknight/everyday meals when I wouldn’t want to spend the time to make it from scratch.

Under it’s Greek name, it’s been a staple of my family’s holiday meals for years (and years) and while it usually gets made with fresh beans, circumstances have occasionally resulted in someone making it with cut frozen beans, and even that comes out good, though it does need a somewhat shorter cooking time. On the other hand, I’ve also had it when a family-member-who-shall-not-be-named (and who to be blunt, couldn’t cook their way out of a very large cardboard box, open at both ends :laughing:) has insisted on making a “lite” version, with very little and occasionally even no oil, and it just doesn’t work, even with a brief cooking time. I mean, it’s pleasant enough (to put it charitably), but it’s not the same at all. And if you overcook that, there’s a hard-to-spot point of no return after which it does turn to unpleasant “mush” very quickly…



Might be the last of this summer’s local green beans.


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Looks so good!



I snuck in a few fingerling potatoes from the garden! Not on the keto list :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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