Foot pedal kitchen sink control

Aloha from Hawaii, island paradise and permitting hellscape. We’re still waiting for our building permit to go through, but we plan to build a new house over the next year. One of the kitchen sink ideas I saw from time to time on Chowhound (RIP) was foot pedal controlled kitchen sinks. I am intrigued. With a normal faucet, I hate that the area around the base of the faucet is always wet from reaching for the handle over and over.
What are your thoughts on installing a pedal-operated faucet on a kitchen sink? Any brand/model recommendations?

From the ones I am familiar with, Tapmaster, the drawback is that the kick stand or pedal only operates on/off, and you still need to manually adjust the temperature by (gack!) hand.

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Thanks for the info. If I can’t modulate the flow, it’d probably be a deal breaker for me.

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I liked the foot pedal when I worked on sailboats many decades ago. when we redid the kitchen a few years ago I asked sister the kitchen designer about having a foot pump she nixed the idea quickly. Also nixed my request for a drain in the floor😂

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I used to use a foot pedal-powered sink in one of the lab jobs I had. I loved it and was amazed at how well you could control the flow and temperature. I often thought I would use medical or lab grade equipment in my own home kitchen one day (hasn’t happened yet) - the stuff is built to last.

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I am a big fan of Kohler… and they have a variety of touchless kitchen faucets, some even with voice controlled measured pour.

Ever since putting voice controlled lighting in my kitchen I have never touched a light switch… so this would be a no brainer for me.

Good luck with whatever you decide on.

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I’ve always wanted one of these, even with the necessity of blending manually.

If touchless is important, I think someone must still make the knee-actuated valves used in hospitals and clinics.

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I used to have a Delta faucet that you just tap anywhere to turn the water on and off and liked it too. If the foot/knee activated ones turn out not to be a good idea, I’d go with the touchless type.

This is what I was imagining. If you come across something online that looks like what you remember, could you post it?

Haha, why’d she nix the foot pump? All kitchens and bathrooms should have a floor drain.

Can’t remember but her objections were numerous and common sense.