Foods we love AND hate at the same time ?!?!?!

I was just in the office kitchen making myself a cup of coffee and there was a holiday basket in there with some gourmet popcorn opened. I took a hand full of some orange colored popcorn which I assumed was cheddar, well I was wrong, it was Sriracha Lime popcorn. Obviously the flavor dynamic was significantly different than the cheddar I was expecting so I had to try another sample. I did, and now I just can’t decide if I really, really like this or if I hate it. lol

Another food like this for me is “country gravy”, you know the sausage grease, flour and milk version. I eat it, I think I enjoy it, it grosses me the hell out. I can’t decide if I like this stuff or hate it.

How about you? What are some of your love/hate foods?

I can’t think of any food I don’t like except Green Papya Salad. Once was quite enough, thank you. I ^think^ I won’t like Lutefisk after all I’ve heard about it, and probably durian since I have a very keen sense of smell. But I usually like to at least taste a small bite of something before I BFL.

Fried chicken. Seems like a good idea for the first few bites, then quickly turns to regrettable, so I pick off the skin from there. Fried fish, too. Probably most things battered or coated and fried. I can still eat plenty of french fries in one sitting though, somehow the oiliness of french fries never bothers me.

Hologram Sandwich on white bread with mayo. I love it the first few bites…then I wonder why I bothered.

What is a hologram sandwich?

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Oh, for goodness sakes. I don’t know how Bologna ended up hologram.

Although, when I think about it, I wish I could eat some of the food pics shown here :wink:


Lol I googled “Holigram Sandwich” and after page 2 of the search decided to give up and just ask.


Just for shits and giggles, I also googled hologram sandwich. I recommend it. :wink:


I am the self-styed “Foie Gras Queen.” Doesn’t matter how it’s prepared, I adore it! Eggplant and lamb are also huge favorites.

I don’t eat caviar, octopus, or any very fish-y fish (e.g., bluefish), and raisins in breads, cakes, pastries, and puddings are a no-no for me.

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Good country gravy has sausage in it. I hate it when it still tastes like flour.

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No som tam for you, Gio? That’s a real surprise to me, since you prepare so many Asian-flavored meals.

It’s one of my favorite Thai dishes, actually :heart_eyes:

Thai and Chinese food . Maybe it’s the restaurants here . Same old , same old . All tastes the same . I love it but after I eat it . Yuck .

Tofu…serves no purpose. Either eat meat or don’t. And Gio reminded me, durian, holy mother of stank

Just to be clear, Bob – is this going to be another thread about what foods people hate vs. what foods people like… or are you hoping they’ll answer your actual question about love/hate relationships with particular foods?

We’ve been down the other roads so. many. times.


The latter, it was suppose to be foods that you love/hate.

As I was trying to use my example, I tasted that popcorn and was like wow, this is an interesting and new taste, then by the time I finished my second handful, I was like, “wow this is pretty disgusting”.

It just seems our fellow HOs are having a hard time with the concept :sunglasses:

Edited the title to clarify a little better.

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Boxed mac & cheese. Love the first few bites, with ketchup, natch… then it self-destructs! Rinse and repeat every 6 months or so.

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also, turnip! I always think I like it, then after a bite or two, I change my mind. Right now I think I might like it. Remind me not to make any!!

Ha! That’s a good one, I haven’t had boxed mac-n-cheese in I don’t know how long. There are just so many different great cheese’s and cheese combinations, I could never just make a boxed mac-n-cheese. I