Foods or beverages you like to spoil yourself with . I wouldn't necessarily say spoil but really like

For myself I just reordered California olive ranch reserve olive oil
More 4 year old and 2 year Parmigiano reggiano. Beef tallow . That’s right . From Fatworks . As good as their pork and duck fat are . I ordered more .
Dried pasta from Italy. Calabrian chilies. Dried mushrooms from France.
California wines . I live in California
I’m totally spoiled. And like it .
Cheers. :wine_glass:


Chunks of foie gras from D’Artagnan (they are having a freezer sale right now).

Fancy fatty pork chops from Heritage (also having a sale right now)

Oysters shiped quick fast from Giovanni’s on the Central Coast of California, or the East Coast or Washington.
Hama Hama, Island Creek.

Also planning to try Hog Island, Taylor Shellfish

And of course live Dungies when I can get them.


Good cheese. Stuff better than the supermarket top of the range stuff. So, I buy online from these people


Besides cheese and beer?

-Less expensive:

-More expensive:

Truffles, caviar, foie, highly marbled meats etc are nice, too, but I don’t go out of my way to obtain them, or at any cost. I eat oysters every week so they don’t really count.

The beers I drink are not cheap, however.
At the end of the day nothing is above cheese. The best food!

Never short change yourself when it comes to eating and drinking!


Asparagus had slipped my mind.

We only eat it when it’s in season in the UK. But then, it’s on the plate several times a week. There are fancier ways to deal with it but I rarely look much beyond the classic British prep - steamed till still “al dente” and drenched in melted butter. It’s a classic for a reason!


Quality dried fruit and all kinds of nuts.
Coffee beans
Heirloom tomatoes
Recently, fresh milled flours


Your reply is incredibly consistent!!


Guanciale (I try to keep a working chunk in the refrigerator and a spare in the freezer.)
Irish butter ( " )
Dried morels
Heavy cream and Mexican or Salvadorian sour cream
Pasture eggs
Meat and fish from Bryan’s on California St. Good fine cheese selection, too.


Totally agree on Fatworks’ jarred rendered fats. I’m spoiled by being able to buy them time to time at Grocery Outless at about half price. Duck fat for fries, lard and tallow for pie crust. Latest score was bison tallow. Haven’t opened it yet.


Bison tallow … Wowza🤩

I should add that Grocery Outlet has really, depending on your view, upped my game or spoiled me rotten.

Organic heavy cream and sour cream
Irish, Finnish and French butter
Ground wagyu beef
Husband’s fave: extra aged Gouda
Pasture eggs
Italian pastas

All at roughly half supermarket prices.

eta house apero, a favorite champagne (small c = not French but a California white sparkler)


What - no smoked ham or new potatoes with?

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Things that are either a splurge $$$ wise, or things I can only get when I’m back home.

The first category: lobster, oysters, scallops, wild shrimp, wild-caught fish, porcini, maitake, etc.
The second: trout caviar, white asparagus, chanterelles, best Thai outside of Thailand, good Greek & Turkish food (like döner), perfect falafel.

Damn. Can’t wait to get back :slight_smile:


Iced Vietnamese coffee from my favourite coffee shop.

I’ve switched to fancy Italian or Spanish bottled lemon juice.

I buy the best salmon when I have a choice, often that’s Faroe Island or Scottish salmon where I live.

I don’t buy asparagus until the delta asparagus shows up, or local asparagus shows up.

I’ve been splurging on organic or small production olive oils from Greece and Italy.

I’ve buy living basil ever few weeks from March until October, replanting it outside once there’s no frost.

I have been splurging on CosmicCrisp, HoneyCrisp and SweetTango apples.

Local maple syrup.

I’ve been buying local bacon ( Metzger meats), and trying out various local higher quality hot dogs. Better quality hot dog buns lately, too.

Local eggs from a smaller production farm.

Parm Regg or Grano Padano.

I had been splurging on Italian prosciutto and salami, and Spanish ham, chorizo and salami, but I ate it all in 2 sittings, so I’ve stopped buying them.


A splurge for me just today was a four-pack of pint cans of local pilsner. Splurge, because the price of local craft beer skyrocketed since I last regularly bought it a few years ago. The four-pack came to around $16 with tax. But it’s unusually warm here today, and the beer will be nice this evening.


It’s on. 88 f here, at 4:50 P.M.

Have a cold pilsner!

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Okay, but Pinot Grigio!

Fresh abalone steak

Sea Cucumbers (Curryfish Sea Cucumbers)

Japanese Whiskey (something like the Mars Komagatake Limited Edition 2020)

I rarely buy products that are very expensive, so my spoiling is usually just slightly more expensive than my normal purchases. Cheeses, chocolate, ice cream, locally made toffee, an occasional rib-eye steak.

I tried to spoil myself with Snake River Farms wagyu hot dogs the past couple of days, but I’m disappointed in those. They taste okay, nothing special. Natural casing but unfortunately the two I’ve cooked so far have split the full length of the hot dog, so I’m not getting the proper snap when biting into it. I doubt that I’d buy these again even if I do manage to get them to stop splitting.

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