Food News in Houston 2024 (openings, closings, +

‘Progressive Creole’ restaurant Augustine’s to open in boutique Third Ward hotel this fall (

I will look forward to this. The above is a free site - on the pay site, if you can get to it, he mentions Allison Cook’s encouragement when he was here before.

Dominick Lee’s Augustine’s promises ‘Progressive Creole’ cuisine (

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Detroit-style pizza joint Via 313 opening in Memorial City in March (

I’ve only had Detroit deep dish at Pizaro’s in Montrose. I love it. I don’t think they ever added it at their original location in the Memorial area.

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Live lobsters, A5 wagyu star in Asiatown’s newly debuted Shabu En (

Oh, how this makes me yearn for the days when I could go anywhere I wanted to eat and eat as much as I wanted! (If the place is a good as the review, I think it’ll get crowded pretty soon).

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Why an anticipated Houston bagel shop started over 6 days after opening (

Surprise! Texas Icon Whataburger Opens on the Las Vegas Strip Today (

Now you can lose everything but celebrate anyway with a double meat, double cheese, bacon jalapeno Whataburger :star_struck:

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Portillo’s (Chicago specialties) on its way

Trader Joe’s moving into Sugar Land

This one might be easier for me to get to than the one on Westheimer :hugs:

(But when did #s 4 and 5 open??? I’m way behind)

Inspired or stolen? Owner of late Dolce Vita accuses Magdalena’s of copying pizza menu (

23 hot Galveston restaurants for tourists, locals, families (

I’ve been to very few of these, haven’t even heard of many (we’ve never attracted a good Galveston participant on HO). No mention of Gaido’s, the Tremont or Galvez? Times are changing!

Katie’s seafood market was previously recommended by the late, much missed jcostiones, I think (or was that you @Lambowner?) So the restaurant is on my list to try. Shrimp 'n stuff doesn’t really cut it for me. La King’s is a fun stop. Leon’s is not high on my list. Maceo’s - a fun stop but the muffaletta I got was not impressive compared to others around the area. I’ve never been able to get into the Mosquito Cafe - closed both times I tried. And I think I’ve been to Sunflower but the dish I had is not on the menu so maybe I’m remembering some other place. If they took it off the menu, good for them - it wasn’t done well :astonished:

Pizza wars? Who cares? The pies at the new Magdalena’s are terrific. (

Tee-hee-hee :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Seattle’s Piroshky Piroshky to host bakery pop-ups in Texas (

Well I missed it again - can’t make it this afternoon. Saw this a few weeks ago but didn’t remember to write it down or bookmark. They were here earlier, too, and I missed it.

@Lambowner? Any body else in TX?

LA Pizzeria Pizzana Comes to Houston - Eater Houston

Well, La-Ti-Dah, as they say in Italy!

The Chron (on its pay-site) couldn’t help but mention ‘Michelin credentials.’

Houston pizza restaurant Pizzana opens in River Oaks (

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Curry Pizza Company is the latest Indian-inspired pizzeria to open in the Houston area (

Nice convenient location ---- :upside_down_face: :grimacing: :unamused:

But I’ve just got to try this, Bombay Pizza downtown is long gone but it seems there are several other small places like this in town now.

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Beloved French bakery Magnol announces expansion with Heights opening (

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New Houston Korean restaurant stays open until 2 a.m. (

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