Food ID - What is the name of this Vietnamese dish?

In 2012, we had a Vietnam trip, and while we were in Hanoi, we ate in this local seafood place (not a place for tourists…) we ordered fish and shells. The people working there was having dinner at another table, they gave us something they were eating, very good. It was with small pieces of meat with sparkled with some powder and herbs and rolled with rice paper. It was delicious.

Suddenly some 4 years later, I’m craving for this plate, anyone know what’s the name of this dish? Any help will be appreciated.

Is it this one?

Thanks, I don’t think so. The version in your link seems more luxurious, the rolls we ate used dried rice paper and more basic.

I think maybe it was pork rather than beef.
I do a bit checkup, looks like it could be Bì Cuón - Shredded Pork and Pork Skin Rice Paper Rollsốn-shredded-pork-and-pork-skin-rice-paper-rolls/

The thin strips on the first picture could be pork skin. (I was thinking it might be jelly fish) The powder they used, could be roasted rice powder, it was much darker than most recipes I find online.

Yes, it looks like you’ve tracked this down. I think this is pork skin, with some grilled pork and roasted rice powder, and I’ve seen the pork skin “noodles” sold frozen and dried.

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I didn’t the pork skin noodle exists! Thanks for that. Now need to also find the rice powder…

No idea, Naf, but the whole meal looks good. I have a soft spot for shellfish/bivalve molluscs… are those blood cockles? Blood cockles in Asia are freaking big.

I make this sometimes in the summer. Remember to boil the rinds and let it dry before mixing with the roasted rice powder.

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Bi cuon is usually served already rolled for you. Bi (julienned pork and pork skin with toasted rice powder) is also served with broken rice dishes (com tam), dry noodle bowls, or in sandwiches. The style of eating with dried rice paper and herb/salad plates is a typical way of eating, accompanying all kinds of proteins, and is not necessarily unique to a specific dish (although certain dishes will call for specific combinations). So while it could be “bi”, that chunky style is unfamiliar to me. The dark toast on the rice powder makes me think of a different dish.

My guess is that it was “be thui”. Ready?

Roast veal.


You can be right. I can just to make both to see which I like better :smiley:

Could be, or could be “hairy cockles”. Most of the time, the strange shells we tasted were good. Maybe except the Horseshoe Crab.